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I enjoyed it. I think The Hunger Games is an interesting example of a series where the movies are superior to the books, just due to the odd perspective the books are written in that I don't really care for.

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@spaceinsomniac: Man, thinking back on controversial games in general just reminds me that Hillary Clinton was one of the many opportunists that leapt on the video game concern trolling bandwagon around a decade ago and now she's very likely to end up President. Bummer.

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@carryboy: I don't think "the Left" overall has gone nuts at all - that descriptor definitely goes to the the American Right at the moment which is just out and out batshit - but I definitely think there's a growing niche on the Left, particularly born out of college and university campuses, that is increasingly irrational and hysterical, and Democrats enable those groups at their own risk.

I became very invested in politics around 2006 which was when the Democrats were remarkably energetic and running on substantive, constructive things. End the war, expand health insurance, fair pay, stop the Republican encroachment on civil liberties, etc. They were appealing to everyone everywhere, and focusing on important shit. 2008 continued this trend and I was perfectly happy to support Obama (and did again in 2012). But over the last couple years some elements of the Left have been all to happy to engage in the sort of culture warring and moral majority handwringing that the Right was vilified for for years, and there's a burgeoning group on the Left that aren't all that psyched about free speech, either. A recent Pew poll showed that Millennials are significantly more likely to support the government censoring what they consider to be racist speech. This was not what I viewed liberalism to be. Censoring things because we don't like them was something I was taught that the evil authoritarian Right did, and us liberals were better than that.

I just don't like identity/pandering politics much, and that seems to be almost all that motivates the Left these days. Whenever I see Hillary Clinton donning rainbow colors and talking about how much she supports gay people I just roll my eyes. She doesn't give a fuck. She never gave a fuck. She doesn't deserve one iota of credit in forwarding gay rights causes for people like me. She sat around and watched where the wind blew and only after it was clear it was supported by the majority did she change her stand. Meanwhile she's taking massive donations from Wall St. entities. But not enough people care about that part.

I remember during the 2008 Presidential election, on election day I was standing in line at a grocery store and overheard an old lady talking with the cashier about how she voted Republican because she hated abortion so much. It made me absolutely livid. Our economy was collapsing and there were people out there that cared more some vague promises from John McCain about abortion. That sort of prioritization on social politics (most of which is already settled) is something I despised the Right for and am growing to despise the Left for. I don't really care that much that the President of Yale won't "acknowledge your pain" because he wrote an email you didn't like. I care more about giving everyone a living wage.

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I consider myself a socialist-leaning weirdo that doesn't identify with either party and the only appealing candidate for me at the moment is Bernie Sanders. Since he's obviously not going to win, whoever I vote for will almost certainly end up being a third party nobody.

I also find myself increasingly estranged from the Left in recent years for a variety of reasons.

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@audiobusting: I mentioned the romance stuff in DA: O just because it was the first thing that came to mind, but my main point was that the mechanics involved aren't really any different to how most of video games work with just about anything. I think objectification is sort of inherent to video games because single player games are specifically about you being the only real participant acting upon everything in the game, often manipulating the characters involved purely for entertainment value, with characters that are designed to be that way and nothing else. Mass Effect 3, just to keep it in the Bioware realm, literally reduces entire civilizations to a number on the Galactic Readiness rating, for nothing more than what the player gets to see out of the result of a bloody war. From an objective point of view the mechanics involved in this objectification aren't any different, and are arguably more problematic, but when there's girls in bikinis everyone breaks out the hashtags. It just seems a little arbitrary to me.

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@thatpinguino: At that point though what video game isn't objectifying? Video games are all about manipulating numbers for desired outcomes. For the most part at least. Whether you're giving Zevran magic trinkets as gifts so you can fuck in your camp tent or you're choosing certain dialogue options to get the quest rewards you prefer from generic NPCs it's pretty much exactly the same process of objectification as DoA on a purely mechanical level. The only reason people specifically point this series out is because it's all about scantily dressed women with weirdly jiggly breasts. It's hard for me to think of anything in video games that isn't reducing everything to an object because the (single player) video game itself is an object and you are its only active participant.

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I'm super happy this series lives on, though with everything after the first game, and this new game being a genre shift, I'm fairly skeptical. Still, I'm intrigued.

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It was probably either Catherine or Assassin's Creed III. Catherine because, come on, and AC3 because I was foolish enough to buy into that story. I haven't pre-ordered a game since about then, as far as I remember.

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It's a pretty dope pumpkin.

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I played through pretty much the entirety of Lost Odyssey with french dialogue and english subtitles more or less just because I'd already played it before and wanted to change things up.