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@devildoll: not pre built. Built recently on my budget with knowledge of upgrading soon. There is no spec sticker. Started out as a case. He put in the mother, I have an i5 on order, 8G ram, several expansion slots. I'm not rich. Putting it together piecemeal.

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Bump because I edited my first post.

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So I guess my question is: Will the 770 with 4G ram be better than my Xbox 360 with my other specs?

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No. I bought it from a local shop. Owner built. Was on a budget as I wasn't expecting my laptop to shit out on me. I'm just liking for it to be better than my 360 and I figure ill upgrade to an i7 in the near future and add some more ram. Will it play most games on high ish settings with just upgrading to the 770 for now?

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Edit: So based on the recommendations of this forum i am upgrading to a 3.4ghz i5 processor in a few days. With that in mind, what kind if gpu do you recommend (specifically) to get PS4/Xbox One quality graphics and good framerate etc? I'm holding off on the new consoles to build this thing so I want a solid performer that competes or beats what's coming out. Thanks! Link: GTX 770 4G Ram

So my MacBook died this morning after a long battle with spilled juice. I live in a rural area and had to get a pc so I could finish my homework today. It has an intel i3 3220, 8G ram, and a 600 watt power supply. I'm wanting to get a GTX 770 for a gpu ... will that complete my needs for a decent gaming rig? If not, suggestions?

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Ok. That's what I thought but I feel like I've been doing them for forever and haven't gotten it yet. Thanks.

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Is there a way to download toy boxes made by the community?

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Where is the toy box share? In game or on the website?