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I'm just hitting chapter 2. Don't know how long it is but I can't get enough so far.

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Thanks for the help! Seeing as that thread is already 4 pages long and not even in the BD forum, my code is: 3110-4482-1890. Please feel free to add me and leave your code so I can add you too.

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I am amazingly impressed with this game. I picked it up on a whim after watching the QL as I was in the mood for something different and the way they talked about it peaked my interest. 14 hours in after 3 days and I can't put it down.

My problem is ... I don't have any friends. Not just friends that play this game, but no 3DS friends at all, let alone ever street passing anybody. Does anybody know if I can just add random friend codes from people playing this game to get more people in my town and to summon, or do I have to street pass with them regularly? Also, if I can add random people, how and where do I find my friend code?

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From what I've read, it crosses over from the "same" platform version. Ex: PS3 to PS4.

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I've unlocked several tank upgrades such as thermal optics, active camo, upgraded rounds, etc... But, I can't figure out how to equip them on my vehicles. Any help is appreciated. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but it's driving me crazy.

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I had this issue. Uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled. Argued with Microsoft until I got a refund. Took about a week.

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I am a big fan of this game. For those that are saying "Batman was better" ... This isn't batman, though they were great games. I had more consistent fun playing this.

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It seems that critics can never make up their minds. At one time saying that a game tried too much and should have done fewer things, but done well. Then, the game is too simple, and should have done more. I put very little stock into game critics reviews anymore. I come to GB for the personalities and content you can't get anywhere else.

This game was great.

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I was really looking forward to buying this game until I found out it was being released when I was going to be BROKE! Whatever idiot picked this date should be fired.