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Its time to solve this pressing question, is it VinCo or VinnCo?

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Seriously. We have to figure out how to keep this shit from happening. At least from ever happening again.

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Ryan's evil twin has been discovered.

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@WMoyer83: no, but it is sad and it is important, and it would be nice if we all stopped and thought about ways we could make it clear that it is not ok.

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@Mmmslash: I agree with this suggestion and the sasha grey suggestion. now... i just need to figure out how to combine the two

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@hwy_61: wait... at the same time?

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Another note: some people say it's possible to remain friends after a break-up... my opinion is it isn't a good idea. There's always going to be one party who will harbour some kind of residual feelings for the other, whether it's a feeling of longing or jealousy, etc.

Good luck man, this sorta thing is never easy.

Currently learning this part the hard way. Le Sigh.

Me Too!! wanna be misery buddies?!

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OK! so kinect porn games company! we need a name! quick. I assume you are all on the board of directors

Ride Em: Hands Free

Someone get me a team and I'll get on it!

Edit: And our company should be named Giant... well just figure out the rest.

HELL YEA! get this man some publisher backing, STAT! also, lets see bobby Kotick try to take the fun out of developing this game!

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@Tireyo643: first of all, downer. second of all, I totally agree that single thing, or even collection of things, is going to make the pain go away. Right now, I just want a temporary distraction so I dont end up calling her tonight.

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@handlas said:

private message me. Let's have sex chat.

i was suspicious at first, but after seeing your main picture on your profile, i am all for this.