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Getting Dan was a great move and I really, really like him. He seems like a fun guy :)

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If any other company than Valve would've announced this, I would have been very sceptical. Right now? I am totally looking forward to it :D

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This is such sad news :(

Condolences to everyone who knew him.

RIP Ryan Davis.

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Aaaw! That's not awesome :/

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It is really deep. My first name is Martin, and my last name is G* :-)

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This is such weird news, so blown out of proportion. The whole thing reminds me of that Anonymous news segment on FOX 11 :-)

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@m1k3:  I understand what you mean but I think they've been over this in some meeting, I bet there are too much stuff to do during the day so they can't do this show earlier.
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@m1k3:  Don't take everything they say seriously, I never do :-)
I live in Sweden so the time this comes on, it is very late but I don't care. You can't please all the people all the time.
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Poor cat, not to make you feel bad but still :(
 BTW, that six-axis thing was awfully light, do they still make those? They felt clean and modern since they were so light :-)
I am so f-ed up right now, sick and on medication, everything is spinning and twirling, and here I am posting on message boards :-)

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Crushed the left mouse button many years ago, never thrown a controller. If I were to throw a controller, I think I would go on a rampage and destroy something more because if I am pushed over the edge, I AM pushed over the edge.
It is really dangerous nowadays because without the cord, the only thing that restricts the air time of the controller, is your strength.
Ah! Just remembered that I made a huge dent in my computer case once, but I was drunk so that kinda doesn't count.