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Jesus Christ, you people are the ones trolling me. I won't attack you on a personal level seriously ever, but to not be able to say what I want limits my wish to say ANYTHING. Do you not understand that?

What have I said that is a lie? What have I said that you even particularly disagree with? I'm willing to discuss.

The idea of a ban on a site like this instills no fear. You can just make another account and troll with that. That's the real bizarre situation about these moderated discussions on free forums.

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@Meowshi: I don't intend to criticize the moderators. They are handed down edicts from the egos further up the foodchain, no doubt.

@McShank: Why choose to be annoyed? Choosing to be unhappy in the face of freedom of speech is always the wrong, conservative choice.

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@CL60: And that guy whose Halo 4 Forge topic got locked for not being "worth discussing," yeah. What the fuck is the point of some guy coming in and telling you, "NO, YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT THIS DERP."

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I don't get it. What is the purpose in locking a topic that doesn't have something, like, illegal in it? If someone's not endangering the community or spamming... what's the purpose of closing "troll" topics or whatever?

Are moderators so afraid of people getting their feelings hurt and engaging in stupid conversations? Does regulation of speech actually improve the conversation on here? It just makes for a bunch of insular, easily-offended freaks to gather together and talk like robots.

owait, I guess that's who the Giant Bomb staff is courting, the aspergers who will pay money for their "content" and never challenge their worldview of these "personalities" as e-celebrities. haha

How high school, to have these people telling you what is and what isn't worth discussing. If the autistic ran the world...

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@MarxMygdala: You're wrong.

Monster Hunter hates YOU!

Also, MH is fucking great. Also I think you will find MH changes more in each full version number than COD does, if you actually cared to understand the game first.


Explain the differences from one revision to the next.


Monster Hunter came out. It was great, but flawed.

Then Monster Hunter G came out. This was a Japanese only release that was the original game, but with a ton more content. New weapons, new armors, new monsters. It's similar to the PSP game Monster Hunter Freedom in terms of content. Monster Hunter G introduced Armor Skills based around a number system, G-rank, and the Farm.

Then there was Monster Hunter Dos. This never saw a stateside release. This added many things found in the series still today. It added a Day and Night cycle, multiple item combination recipes for single items, new weapon classes, the ability to use items while the Sword and Shield is drawn (!), and registering of armor sets.

Then we move to the portable games with monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is sort of the conclusion of the Freedom games on PSP. This game has a massive amount of content (200+ new quests!), with hundreds of armor sets, hundreds of weapons, tons of monster variants, a humongous amount of end-game content (THREE different Fatalis?! FUCK YES), two sets of maps, X and Z armor sets, new jewels. It also included a host of things to make the game more accessible. You're able to hold more items, combine items in your box, send items directly to your box after purchase, etc.

Then we move into the Tri series. Monster Hunter Tri introduced the a new game with an almost entirely new cast of monsters (Excluding Rathian, Rathalos, and Diablos), brought in Underwater combat, the ability to hunt while not on a quest (and gather resources outside of your quest, or farm!), and continues to make the game more accessible. The farm was streamlined, Cha-Cha replaced Felyne companions and was arguably much more useful (but certainly more charismatic!). This is all ignoring the fact that they actually made a game on the Wii that people want to play, and had a robust online component (On the fucking Wii, of all systems) that doubled the games content.

Then we're brought to Portable 3rd, the Tri series continued on the PSP. This game has yet to see a Western release. It removes the Underwater combat, reintroduces every weapon type seen in the game, brings in new monsters, a new village, a new farm (which is more easily upgraded), a new Drink Skill system, Felyne armor upgrades, and numerous other things.

There is Monster Hunter Frontier, which is so buttfuckingly different, it's unbelievable. It is Monster Hunter the MMO. I stole some poor Korean man's SSN just to play this game in Korea. It was worth it. Hopefully he never tries to play!

tl;dr The games change in every single iteration, something you would know if you actually played the games before you lambasted them.

holy shit, some guy sperged out and actually typed all this shit in response to my topic. xmfd monster hunter fans are freaks!

And no one has even realized I've been posting a picture with PS2 buttons as MH3. XMFD


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Crytek has lost its fucking soul and will suck anyone's cock for a dollar today.

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@NekuSakuraba: Explain how the gameplay is different. I am all ears.

Oh, you say there are water levels? Oh, joy! Japanese developers using Wii controls for water levels! That's my favorite thing!

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From IW3 to IW4, you saw a new campaign, graphx, the addition of Spec Ops, tons of new perks/equipment/weapons, a complete revamp and replacement of the killstreak system, and tons of tweaks that further refined it as an "e-sport."

To compare that to

Six years apart...

You have to be deluded and grasping at Goddamn straws.

It's okay to admit that Monster Hunter hasn't changed, even if you like it. But admit it.

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@Chavtheworld said:

@MarxMygdala: Unfortunately due to not owning a Wii I never had the chance to play MH Tri, but significant changes from 2 to 3 include better enemy AI in regards to scavenging, changing areas and also it was the first time online play was included. It even has underwater battles, adding a 3rd dimension to the fights. Apparently monsters even have stamina like the player does in Tri as well.

Frontier is massively different from all the others as its a freaking MMO.

So, even you, a fan, can only come up with "better AI," a different town, and water. Those are the biggest changes a fan can think of from 1 to 3.

You're wrong about it being the first time online play's been in the game, btw. And they had the audacity to charge for that shit in Japan. I mean, fuck.

Can anyone more informed come up with what they changed?

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Think you may be caring about stupid shit that doesn't impact your life in any meaningful way? You're not alone. Call our hotline on 555-453-6739 where a trained operator is standing by to take your call.

I enjoy posting my opinions. You're doing the same.

If you can't defend the game or further trash it, that doesn't mean you have to attack me, guy.


Holy shit.

Monster Hunter fucking sucks, huh?

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@MarxMygdala: You're wrong.

Monster Hunter hates YOU!

Also, MH is fucking great. Also I think you will find MH changes more in each full version number than COD does, if you actually cared to understand the game first.


Explain the differences from one revision to the next.