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Relic too busy on Company Of Heroes and expansions I figure..

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i treat both original and rebuild as if they are both different routes of the same game... each enjoyable in their own way.

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right someone mentioned the Madden one, it was pretty funny.

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i dunno, i liked the characters and personality of single player campaign, quite different from what they tried to do in BF3 and BF4. Can't say what i liked better in the multiplayer though, it's been a long time since i played it.

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I prefer the tang of BBQ sauce as my alternative to ketchup. I wouldn't use mayo for anything other than a sandwich.

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hmm, both? before work and after work.

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i remember it was a good way to get portal 2 cheap, buying ps3 version, get free copy of pc and then reselling ps3 version for almost full price back to the store.

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more i keep looking at this game, the more it feels like it's up my alley.... though i burned my wallet during the summer sales though :(

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hmm didn't spend too much i guess, most under 10$

splintercell BL

Baldur's Gate 2 EE

Saint's Row IV

Wolf Among Us

Walking Dead S2

Metal Gear Rising

Xcom Enemy Within

Bioschock Infinite Season Pass