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felt Old Iron King was the best of the bunch, Fume Knight and Alonne were the best boss fights in the game to be honest. Ivory king was a mild disappointment, had good atmosphere but the boss fights were kind of lame. 3 cats and an easy last boss.

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cave nerf i saw it coming, but queen's wrath gear? what.... now i got 6 mission tokens that are worthless now since I already have legendary helms and chests.

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nah, game would be a standard boring multiplayer shooter. Supers make it somewhat more interesting.

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@boozak said:

I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game so I dont know if this is a good or a bad thing. I do think his character designs are terrible though.

Has anyone here played Type-0? I know it's only in japanese at the moment and an HD version has been announced but I still have no idea what that game is.

Type-0 is a pretty decent game, sort of mission based action oriented combat rpg. There is co-op but i haven't really tried that yet.

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if no one has mentioned it, Stein's;Gate is a pretty good sci fi mystery

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@winsord: I wasn't aware that bosses spawned if you only switched between screens, not entire areas. That's super handy. Thanks.

I don't know why, but Muzet never really did much for me in terms of combat. I'm going through the game again and will give her a better shot. I want to try out Gaius and Rowen a bit more too. I think Rowen's a hell of a powerful teammate, but I never really found him on my team that mucch. A Muzet, Rowan, and Gaius team seems reasonable.

Also, I may have confused moderate and hard. I was super tired.

really, I think Muzet's linked partner skill was extremely useful... being able to warp in and out of harms way pretty much made me untouchable throughout most of the game

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seems fine, not much a glasses person myself.

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half the reason i wanted a ps4 just went out the window i guess... most likely will buy it on pc now.

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Warcraft 2 still holds up, i still like the campaigns in that game moreso than the ones in Warcraft 3.

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played a few hours, seems decent.. don't really like Estelle too much so... hope she gets better?