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call of duty 4 mw, warcraft 2, final fantasy 2 aka 4(snes), uh.... and super mario bros(nes), mario bros the arcade game came out before it and stuff..

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hmm don't really remember myself, I was just like... "wonder what happened to those gamespot dudes from awhile back"... *searches internet* Giantbomb huh? guess i'll check it out.

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bosses were definitely easier when i played through it the first time, then you find out there is a bug with boss attack patterns if you leave your ps4 on too long that makes the ai retardedly easier than intended. It happened to me on about 3-4 bosses.

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I found Vicar Amelia pretty frustrating but also enjoyed her fight the most, also liked Mergo's Wet Nurse fight.. pretty creepy atmosphere with the baby crying and all lol.

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it's up to developers, some choose to lock it down to 30fps to keep the look of the game consistent, games could potentially have higher framerates if the framerate was unlocked but then it would spike up and down so one scene has 50fps and drops down to 35 fps when more stuff is rendered on screen, it's sometimes very noticeable when the frame rate is dropping low so locking it down to 30fps is a good compromise in that situation.

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NES, SNES and N64 were primary consoles for me back in their generations.

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yeah blood in, blood out is a classic movie that's nostalgic for those of us over 30+ years old hispanics heh...

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being Naive i guess

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didn't have a problem with him, seemed like a bro and i always had him in my party despite his preferences.

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there are some people who probably don't have a wii and they have a wii u and want to buy it digital, so why not?