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from red templars, usually from the ones growing crystals out of them.

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any windowed mode will always take a hit off your framerate, try adaptive vsync if you got nvidia card or force it in amd's control panel. I've not had any screen tearing issues myself.

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good luck people.. I also wouldn't mind getting that stuff :)

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GB has their own guidelines on why they do things the way they do and i'm totally ok with that ( I can't remember where the link to that page is). I think the problem is with people trying to convert their scores to a 100 point scale which is already the wrong way to read GB reviews.

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really 50$ bothers you? not like they make expansions every few months.

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I enjoyed both dragon age games for what they are, so Inquisition is something i'm interested in. I kind of am tired of AC games in general.

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play a game you have fun with, why stream a game if your not gonna have fun with it, but switching games every other day is probably not the best way to build a following.

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ff6, xenogears... but i'm fine if they never get a remake, just makes replaying them more nostalgic.

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You know, they should bring the Famicom name to NA as the next generation nintendo :P

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it was kind of funny Jeff got that gun even though it sounded like he just wanted to experience the raid once and stop playing Destiny afterwards.