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An Ambitious and Challenging Adventure to Remember 0

These are just my thoughts and opinions about Dark Souls after 100+ hours of playing this game in the past few weeks.   When I think of Dark Souls i think of it as an experience, there has been no other game that has given me so many emotional high's and low's, where one minute I'm telling the game to "F**k Off!" and the next minute I'm in complete jubilation because i just defeated a boss I was stuck on for about an hour.  Dark Souls is sort of a throw back to old school game design where you h...

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One of the best RPGs to come out in years...I'm not joking. 0

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings is the second dark fantasy role playing game from CD Projekt Red that is based on the novels written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.  It's a beautiful game from a technical standpoint and Geralt's tale of finding the Kingslayer and involving himself in the politics of the world at the same time is so well written, that every decision you make doesn't feel like the "wrong" choice and flows so well until the end that you forget that this game can change dramat...

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Bad Company 2 a succesor to Battlefield 2? 1

 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a new installment into the Bad Company series that started off as a console game but now DICE has developed part two with the PC gamers in mind.   The end result is a game that doesn’t feel like the quality has been dumbed down because of being multiplatform.   This review will concentrate more on the PC version rather than console comparisons in order to be more precise in this review.   I’ll start off first by saying that this feels like a product that is a true ...

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