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Super Mario 3D World = Wii U

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For consoles, I'd definitely say the N64, by far. There was so many great games I have fond memories of.

For a game though, this might sound a bit strange, since it's still probably considered kind of new-ish. Super Mario Galaxy. I have the best memories playing through that game, it was one of the most magical gaming experiences I've ever had.

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I'd participate this time, if it was Original Recipe, but actual singing I'd just feel embarrassed. XD

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Hopefully it'll meet one of the stretch goals. :)

I'm so happy it's met its target.

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I think its going to make it. :D


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It's so close to being funded now. I really hope it makes it. I chipped in last night.

Only 9 hours left.

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I just presumed everyone was cheering that he got caught, which I think is fine.

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Is there actually any decent free movie editors around? I admit, I've ended up using Movie Maker due to it being free.

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It looks really wonderful, you can see more about it on the Kickstarter page: Buddy & Me

The game was originally going to be for the iPhone/Pad and Android devices, but they've added the Wii U as a stretch goal. Unfortunately, it looking very likely it won't make it at the moment, with just seven days left. Either way, I thought I'd let people here know about it and see what your thoughts are on it. Plus I just wanted to share it, I want it so badly, I'd love it to meet its goal. ;_;

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Nintendo, thatgamecompany, Amanita Design, from the top of my head.