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Man, I've been entrenched in minecraft lately, been playing Feed-the-Beast private server with 7 other people. Its great fun.

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@qawsed said:

Remember 1 vs. 100 on XBLA? Every day there was a live show hosted by a human. I see AAAA shooters moving in that direction. Daily challenges narrated by a host, somehow. Faction based roleplay elements ("100k Red and Blue players battled it out last night, and the Reds took control of the region and won a new perk"). Some kind of combination of soap opera, game show, and sporting event.

Can we reflect for a moment on how amazing 1 vs. 100 was? That would definitely cause me to go back to my xbox. It was also the perfect family game. All in all I had so much fun playing that with my family every night. It was fantastic. One of my top "games" that I want to see come back.

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This sounds like an idea I could get behind. Work has been crazy lately and DayZ has been taking my time in its clutches, but I'm fighting.

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are the teleporters not working for anyone else?

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I just got a new pc so I will be back on more often

As long as my own server with like 35,000 mods doesn't keep me entertained.

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Hey man, add me on Live, we can get some Halo 4 rolling sometime. Magiczipper82 is the name.

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Cortana getting a body is very high on my list of things that I think we will see

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@commonoutlier said:

We actually just recently started talking about black holes in my astronomy class and I got the exact same craving! I've been looking for books, too, but more specifically non-fiction books on black holes...especially since they defy a lot of our current scientific understanding, and it almost seems like you're reading fiction. I'm thinking I might get Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries since Neil deGrasse Tyson is a very awesome man (note, haven't read it myself, but I'm sure it's good). The book isn't just about black holes, but all astronomy is pretty fascinating.

I know you're not looking for games, and before this semester I would have recommended Solar 2, but my astronomy class sort of ruined that game for me (because of its inaccuracies) >__<...but it does have black holes in it.

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking is a fantastic piece of non-fiction work with everything between the Big Bang and Black Holes. Definitely worth a read for any space nut out there.

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@iGooner7 said:

Hey guys

Im looking for anyone who would like to co-op with me on legendary? .. If any are willing to add me; GT: iMakaveli 77

Please send me a msg that you are from GiantBomb so I wont decline the request.

Thank you :)

Sure. I havee nothing else to do for a few hours

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@murisan: One way trip.

But.. why?

Because then he'd be the man who launched himself into the sun for his own funeral. That's a pretty excellent way to go out.

The mental image of a casket with rockets en route to the sun is starting to motivate me to make it big.

And this is why Giantbomb wins all of my internets