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Does anyone know any of the episodes that Vinny and Ryan would say "What a season, what a season." over and over?

I need an audio clip or youtube video of it to use on a daily basis.

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Issue resolved. Either I was reading a poorly constructed guide, or the game modifies the grim reaper blueprints you find to ensure the ultimate is the final one you find.

I will look into your methods as well Zidd, thank you.

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Hey Bombers,

I've been told that an easy way to grind is to just make the ultimate reaper and kill zombies to my hearts content. When attempting to collect all the blueprints, I've hit a road block with the Death Mask Reaper blueprint.

First and foremost, the blueprint is not on my list of blueprints I've already collected. I see that I have the basic grim reaper and the fire one, but not the death mask.

The blueprint is supposed to be located in the Sword/knife shop "Shank's." It should be located right inside the front door on the first glass display case in the middle of the floor. When I walk in the store it's simply not even there.

I came to you guys to see if this is a common glitch or if anyone has tried restarting their game to see if it corrects the issue.

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After you defeat the final boss and everyone is celebrating, the ghosts get together with Luigi and friends for a commemorative photo. The camera flashes and the photo shows everyone happy and joyous the conflict has been resolved.

The thing that bothers me is that you have used flashes of light to shock/stun the ghosts the entire game. It's a temporary stun that lasts for about a second but the reaction is instantaneous. Was it a slip in the game logic, a desire for a happy ending or a missed opportunity for a quick joke as the photo could have shown the ghosts freaking out.

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We'll see you on the other side Ryan. You will be terribly missed by not just this community but thousands if not millions around the world. So many celebrities have died in the past few years but nothing compares to this for me. Admittedly, I've lost family and haven't been as moved as I was when I heard you passed.

The next time an uninformed fuck claims gamers are heartless husks that can't feel anything...remember this.

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While we patiently wait for Nintendo to release another Advance Wars, designer Michael Silverman has done all of us a solid with this politically-themed take on the beloved Nintendo strategy franchise. I’ve been doing research for an(a) story (next week) about the intersection of video games and politics....

Being that this is from a few days ago, it will probably go unnoticed. Just looking out for you Patrick! Keep up the great work. I really enjoy all the things you write!

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Read through it just like you suggested, and I totally agree. My brother(who is an FPS junkie) felt Opposing Force was in many ways superior to Half-Life. After I played it myself I felt like it was a great game but not deep enough to be called superior to the original. I then bought blue shift, despite poor reviews and dear lord did I cry myself to sleep after I beat it in one afternoons sitting.

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Man I would love to play this game, never played any of the classic adventure games. Tried to play Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis a few weeks ago but couldnt get the free version running of vista! I would love to get this game for free