Games you should regret buying.

You know it's true. There's that one game glaring in your collection that you sort of put in the corner of the closet when your friends  come over to play. These are the games that I wish never entered my collection.

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Posted by Getz

Do not be ashamed of your Harvest Moon love. More of us closeted Harvest Moon fans need to stand up to the oppression by other gamers. We will water our plants in the sun, march on Washington with our prized cows and shout from the cornstalks WE ARE HERE. 
Though you really should hide that copy of Pokemon Snap...

Posted by YOJO117

I thoroughly support you Getz Harvest Moon was awesome!

Posted by maskedaprentice

Oh lord it WAS awesome. I wish games of that day had time trackers so I could go back and see how much I spent on there.  I wonder if I would feel as much shame as I did when I thought I had 100 hours on Oblivion and it ended up being 200.
I think anyone that played Harvest Moon understands how awesome it is, but from the outside looking in, it is hard to justify to peers.