Shows and Books

I have a tendency of starting watching a show, then forget how far I've gotten in it. I'll be using this list to monitor how far I am in different series.
Full Metal Alchemist- FINISHED- Great show that seems less like an anime series and moreso like a giant movie. 
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood- IN PROGRESS
Air Gear- FINISHED- A good series, however it had a whole lot of potential to keep going.
Yu-Gi-Oh- EP 100 or so, to be determined later
Avatar:The Last Airbender- FINISHED- Pretty good series, they used some crazy stuff. Earth was a beast.
Futurama- FINISHED-  Hillarious series, the movies are okay but I feel thats because I'm too used to furturama being a half an hour show.
Last.Exile-NEXT IN LINE- A fantastic looking series that I've tried to start watching multiple times but run into multiple problems.
South Park-FINISHED- I can't wait to actually follow this show 

Halo:The Fall of Reach FINISHED- Read it my first week back at college. A very well written novel, even though you know the ending off the bat. Looking forward to reading "The flood".
Scott Pilgrim FINISHED- An amazing series that shouldnt be missed by any videogame fan

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