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Fuck it, I'm just gonna be blunt about this. Part of me is thinking "Hey it's their site they do what they want, whatever, blah blah political correctness" although the other part of me is thinking "Why is it only white dudes?" Even In Living Color at least had Jim Carrey. Jokingly, part of me thinks the site should be renamed to

I'm not saying that anyone's racist, but can they really not find anyone that's not a white dude? To me at least, it looks kind of messed up.

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He/she probably saw you smoking and assumed you were way into disease.

I've said the same thing about women who suck men's members.

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I've decided that a bush in my back yard might be corrupted by chaos. So in the marrow I will execute exterminatus.... I shall return with my findings.

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Its not as bad as waking up with a rat on your chest, scared the living shit out of me when that happen.

It would have gone better if you had just told me where The Brotherhood is.

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I guess I could always call N.I.M.H in the morning to gas the bush in the backyard.

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Better call The Shredder so he can go nuts on it.

Wouldn't Baxter Stockman be the preferred person to recommend? What were those little bi-pedal robots called that he had?

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@kittyvondoom said:

He/she probably saw you smoking and assumed you were way into disease.


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The first thing I thought was "why don'tcha shoot it?"

Then I remembered that not everyone lives in rural America. Would make good target practice if he made a habit of running across your fence, though... see, I do have an inner redneck.

I have people that live around me. Apartment complex behind me and other town homes surrounding.

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So I've lived in a town home(it's a 2 story duplex kind of cept someone is in the middle) for about 7 years now. While smoking a cig outside in the backyard tonight I saw a big ass rat scurrying across atop of my fence. I don't see any during the daytime and I've only seen one around about three times starting two weeks ago but never before.

I got poison in the garage and everything looks clear as well as the inside of the house but should I be concerned yet? I don't have any pets but should I go ahead and put rat poison in the backyard or contact a pest control to have em use traps.

Any advice duders? It's so disgusting to see a rat scurry atop my backyard fence at night. Sucks as I've been here for years and never had this issue before.

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I'm curious if there's any guitar players that play Rocksmith and what their opinion is on this.