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Garcia F******* Hotspur. 0

    You have to give EA a lot of credit these days providing publishing support for a new IP in a overly saturated sequel industry but Shadows does a good job of creating a possible franchise.  The game starts out when Demon Hunter Garcia Hotspur's girlfriend has been kidnapped by the lord of demons, and he hastily jumps down the portal of darkness to get her back.  Accompanied by your former demon pal, yet able to transform into guns and a torch Johnson.  You are more than well equipped to dive...

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Short, but sweet treat 0

Costume  Quest is a delightful holiday themed RPG from Double Fine, the fine developers of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. You start the game out getting ready to trick or treat with your twin sibling when all of a sudden your brother or sister gets kidnapped by monsters and its your job to rescue your twin.  You'll knock on doors, battle monsters in turn based battles, and gain new costumes as you progress through the story.  The game is graphically impressive for a download title, while roaming...

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Do not be fooled by the castlevania title 0

Coming from someone who's first experience with Castlevania was the second entry in the series, Simon's Quest, I came into HoD with an open mind since like it's predecessor it had an awful lot of negative opinions of the game but experimented with some new gameplay elements much like Zelda 2 for the NES during its time.  However I am a huge fan of castlevania who's played all of the metroidvania titles except for Order of Eclesia and loved them.  But let's get down to the point of why this is al...

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