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My favorite Shooter on the 360 0

When I first go my original xbox I played the hell out of rainbow six 3 with amazing multiplayer and squad action it was hard not to like. After that I was extremely disappointed with lockdown trying to go more actiony if thats a word and the game was horrible . So when I got my 360 back in 2006 just for Gears of War I decided to try Vegas. The game was amazing I mean stunning graphics (for the time) a cover system that was 10 time better than anything Gears Of War could be and persistent elite ...

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Pirates Vikings and Knights II Steam Release 0

Pirates Vikings and Knights II was originally and mod for the source engine. But in the past couple of weeks valve has recognized it and made it available for download in steam. The game, like the title suggests, pits pirates, vikings, and knights up against each other. The gameplay is melee based but some classes do have ranged weapons like the pirate skirmisher. The direction you slice depends on which way your moving (Move left you slash left). The gameplay is very fast paced and all three fa...

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The best shooter this year 0

When Modern Warfare came out it blew away my expectations amazing graphics, story, and multiplayer all on a console it was amazing. And now here comes MW2 (Not Call of Duty 6 for you idiots). First of Spec Ops which are about 25 little challenges designed for co-op it ranges from eliminating enemies for piloting a AC-130 and it is a terrific new addition. Single player if basically the same with more variety but really who cares when you have its multiplayer. The multiplayer is some of the best ...

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