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No, I guess no one has an answer eh?

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Now, I've looked online And it seems I haven't found a concise answer.. Simply, if I wish to buy RS1 Dlc. can I play it with the Rocksmith 2014 or do I need to buy Rocksmith 1 and the Disc Import tool that I keep reading about?

I'd consider it I suppose but there is only a select few DLC that I want from the original. So do I have to put in the full amount of money for just about 10-20 bucks or just suck it up and buy all of it?

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This may sound cruel but I'm so sick of this -gate shit.... First Celebragate, then gamergate, and now this garbage? How the hell can anyone compare this trash to the original watergate scandal is a moron. Yeah they may look different but shut up about this whatevergate filth...

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@thatpinguino: I apologize if this is a lengthy explanation why to just play the original apposed to what damages were done by double helix. But, from what I hear a lot of the issues were never fixed/resolved not too mention the immense amount of sound bugs which kills the atmosphere..

If you want a quality HD version of both Silent Hill 2 and ( what I'd argue the best) 3. It would seem the best choice would be to buy the old P.C. releases and play the game at it's best and unhampered P.C. ports that came out years before the "HD Collection".

For a better explanation please, just please check out this and please disregard any spoiler, but it shows what has been manipulated to stroke some egos: The Real Silent Hill Experience: HD Collection.

That explains all the problems Double Helix/Hijinks went through to port a game that took longer to port than produce... What does that say?...

Edit: Double Helix or Hijinks? I was wrong but are they not companies that were spawned from each other? Also what they did to my horror favourite game (SH3).. It just saddens me. SH3 is clearly the best example of "Survival Horror" since Resident Evil : Code Veronica..

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I'll stick with my android any day. It seems every time I meet someone with a IOS the screen is usually cracked or they've even manage to break the only button it has. I've had a Samsung Galaxy 2 since they've been released and not only has it never been cracked and that includes working in essentially a steel factory. Sadly, it's getting old and needs to be charged every single night.

That and I'm tired of hearing apple elitists shill there product all the time( kinda like Brad does whenever anyone ever mentions phones lol). Though, I realize people do that for android phones it just doesn't seem as vocal. Anyone care about windows phones?

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Man, every time I see D4 mentioned it gets me excited to see the return of WARP and Laura... I loved D, Enemy Zero, and D2. Granted flawed but amazing at the time!

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This seems like a decent idea of what to want in a game within the last 3-4 generations but from that point on game play is the thing that matters the most. Story is something that has just recently been getting better and atmosphere has been getting slowly better. Zombies ate your Neighbors? why? who cares just have fun. Robotniks being a prick? Take him down. Princess is in another castle? Okay, why not send me to the right one in the first place...?

I'm not discrediting two of the three points more just happy that we have gotten to this point when we can talk about those. As I also realize what we've gone from. Side note: who says Metroid Prime has no story? I've never heard that criticism about the game.

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@zombieslayingin3d: Wow, I'm glad that is still available. That seemed like an exceptional amount of work to just deactivate it. Thanks!

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@jeust said:


Silent Hill has been in a bad place for a while now

Downpour is a pretty good game. It has a good plot, uses well symbolism, is open world, has interesting side-quests, plays homage to the prior games in the franchise, the exploration is very cool, as the city has a good amount of secrets, the combat is serviceable, the graphics good, especially indoors.

Yeah horror might be on a comeback tour, as there are plenty of interesting horror games being developed and launched presently.

I'm sorry but I've gotta agree with @_mattallica. Downpour is the only Silent Hill game of the series I've never bothered to finish. Here I played most of the series except the Mobile phone games, Arcade game, or the wretched Vita Book of Memories game. Granted that's about 4 I haven't played I just don't want to see Silent Hill and Korn together again... Shamefully I loved Korn (even Davis's half-bothers band Adema(As made fun of on Giantbombs MK Retrospective)) as a kid lol. Yes, I'm a monster...

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Does that also mean you can't access their Metal Gear styled Wikipedia? It's been years since I've looked (can't remember if it even looked like wikipedia just that it was loaded with information...) and was never able to get MGO working so I'm curious. Was music and suits the only thing you got from MGO?