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This seems like a decent idea of what to want in a game within the last 3-4 generations but from that point on game play is the thing that matters the most. Story is something that has just recently been getting better and atmosphere has been getting slowly better. Zombies ate your Neighbors? why? who cares just have fun. Robotniks being a prick? Take him down. Princess is in another castle? Okay, why not send me to the right one in the first place...?

I'm not discrediting two of the three points more just happy that we have gotten to this point when we can talk about those. As I also realize what we've gone from. Side note: who says Metroid Prime has no story? I've never heard that criticism about the game.

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@zombieslayingin3d: Wow, I'm glad that is still available. That seemed like an exceptional amount of work to just deactivate it. Thanks!

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@jeust said:


Silent Hill has been in a bad place for a while now

Downpour is a pretty good game. It has a good plot, uses well symbolism, is open world, has interesting side-quests, plays homage to the prior games in the franchise, the exploration is very cool, as the city has a good amount of secrets, the combat is serviceable, the graphics good, especially indoors.

Yeah horror might be on a comeback tour, as there are plenty of interesting horror games being developed and launched presently.

I'm sorry but I've gotta agree with @_mattallica. Downpour is the only Silent Hill game of the series I've never bothered to finish. Here I played most of the series except the Mobile phone games, Arcade game, or the wretched Vita Book of Memories game. Granted that's about 4 I haven't played I just don't want to see Silent Hill and Korn together again... Shamefully I loved Korn (even Davis's half-bothers band Adema(As made fun of on Giantbombs MK Retrospective)) as a kid lol. Yes, I'm a monster...

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Does that also mean you can't access their Metal Gear styled Wikipedia? It's been years since I've looked (can't remember if it even looked like wikipedia just that it was loaded with information...) and was never able to get MGO working so I'm curious. Was music and suits the only thing you got from MGO?

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@thunderslash: I wasn't saying which ending was canon in Silent Hill 1. Sorry, I was just using it as a example of media to media adaptation. Though, now that you mention it. Man, I continuously feel like an ass here. Sorry noahtheboa999 for hijacking your topic. I'm glad you've enjoyed your experience and hope to hear more if you continue. Also, please disregard pointless fan debate and go in and figure it out yourself. Silent Hill is a series that is better when you know little about what you're getting into.

Not to pointlessly argue about games with multiple endings yet, I fully understand I'm about to.. According to the ending of SH1... Yes, with the beginning of SH3 it starts without Cybil. But Cybil was a cop and who's to say she wouldn't just go back to work? There isn't really a point for her to leave with Harry and his new child. Not saying the good ending is wrong but why is the good+ ending automatically wrong?

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After hearing Dan mention Duckman in I think was the latest Bombcast or maybe a tweet. Who else watched this nearly forgotten classic of early 90's Mature animated comedy about a Duck who is a Private Dick and his buddy Cornfed Pig. Not too forget his spiteful Sister-in-Law Bernice, his older burn out son Ajax, his genius twin sons who share one body Charles and Mambo, also flatulent and comatose Grandma-ma. I nearly forgot Duckmans' wife Beatrice who Duckman had no way whatsoever caused her untimely death that in no way could have been prevented and wasn't entirely his fault??

For those that have not seen this show it truly was a gem. Duckman is voiced by Jason Alexander(Seinfeld). Cornfed Pig voiced by Gregg Berger (uh.. Odie from Garfield and Jecht from FFX). King Chicken voiced by none other than Tim Curry.

For fans of 90/80 actors you'll hear some familiar voices. Not all great but some very important and very beloved comedians/actors. Some that come to mind. Jim Belushi, James Brown, Dan Castellaneta(? even shows up as Homer),Coolio, Ice-T,Joe Walsh, and so many more including the unforgettable Phil Hartman.

I can't be the only person other than Dan to fondly remember that show right? Right?

Edit: also to make this more game related. Who has played the point and click adventure that was based off the show Duckman? Not bad, though missing some key voice actors from the show.

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Xenogears is pretty awesome, but also a bit of a slog: expect at least 80 hours first playthrough, the last 10-20 of which being a long string of story with few playing parts since the budget ran out. Also, unlike the three you mentioned that you've already played, it is Japanese as fuck.

I've never played a Star Ocean, but they seem to get really mixed reviews.

Phantasy Star 1, 2 and 4 still hold up if you don't mind playing 8-bit and 16-bit rpgs that can tend to be a bit of a grindfest. Especially 2. There is no Phantasy Star 3.

What!? No love for Phantasy Star 3? Heresy! But I love all 4 and may even say that the Phantasy Star series is the best RPG of that generation. Especially the way PS2 and PS3 paved the road for Jrpg to follow.

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@xpolymorphic: I'm just basing my facts from what they have presented in the game... Sure, the "in Water" end may actually be in the Novel but I've read a few game to novel/novel to game/Novel to movie adaptations and such to know that may not always be the canonical case. But, that end is the "Bad End" and with everything behind the idea of Silent Hill, I always figured the hardest to obtain (the Best End) as a true end. Call me an optimist which ever lol. It's like saying that Silent Hill 1 end isn't canon because the Silent Hill movie had a different ending?

Although I've never read the novel (sorry, I don't plan too). I'm not looking for a twitter comment from a decade after(again, sorry I don't plan too). I'm not looking at a translated game guide or any guide(I didn't need one to play the game). I've just never heard of anyone claiming that ending as the real ending until this forum... Which is why I questioned it. But, I've made my mind as you have made yours. So why not agree to disagree?

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@thunderslash: Where are people getting that Silent Hill 2 takes place mere days after when Laura herself mentions that they haven't seen each other for a year or Mary saying that James never took them back "promised you'd take me there again someday, but you Never Did."?

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@xpolymorphic: Wait, What?.. Why? The "In Water" Ending I only believed that meant he was joining her in the afterlife. Not literally her body hiding in the same exact vehicle as he commits suicide in? Also, how come James never saw her in the beginning just kinda... hanging out in the back seat while he grabbed the map? In the Book of Lost Memories while it is mentioned underneath a game caption it does seem like a non-sequitur. While in the game Mary mentions that she enjoyed Silent Hill during a vacation but hasn't been there for quite some time and also mentions that James promised that he'd bring her but never did. Did he just drive back with her in the back seat and succumb to amnesia in the process? Also Laura mentioning she met Mary "Last year"... Man that car must reek!

Anyway I just usually don't agree with that Idea. Sorry, in my mind it just doesn't make sense...