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@viciousbearmauling: Wait, are both of you angry about the fact that I called Shinji annoying (he was third really). I never went into why I found him annoying, bashed his character, or even said anything other than "And well.. Shinji.".

I also didn't see much Shinji bashing before I mentioned I found him annoying so I'm curious. Was what I said simply misconstrued into some horrible, hateful diatribe into the character of Shinji?

I had/still have some major issues' with this show regardless of the main character that even if the main character was great, I'd still hate the show.

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Valiant Hearts is indeed really enjoyable and the story works well. The only 2 slight issues I found was some cheap deaths and some illogical puzzles until I started figuring out the games logic.

One cheap death was later that spent me wandering the same 20 or so feet (in game) with only one door to exit with a guard watching the door. Turns out all you need to do is walk through the door on the furthest possible side (from the guard) and it works. I was caught by the guard twice and than spent 20 mins walking back and forth until it worked the third attempt?

Absolutely great game despite that one frustrating part.

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I tried to check out the first movie when it came out but all it did was remind me just how much I hated absolutely everything about the original NGE. I know i'm the minority when it comes to NGE but man, even being the ideal demographic (14 or so?) I found it completely unwatchable. It just reminded me how much I was annoyed but the whole cast of characters (Asuka is annoyingly hateful, Rei is a non personality, and well.. Shinji.) and I wish my issues' with the show was only with the characters. Can't say I can trust much from a anime that had such a horrible ending that they made another Even worse ending 2 episodes and somehow, just somehow, made an EVEN worse "ending movie".

But hey that's just what one person thinks and who ever says I'm wrong I just DON'T care. When it comes to the question Rebuild or not Rebuild? Why bother, when in the first place there was already much, Much better Mech anime before and after.

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I don't really know any Beiber songs or Miku songs for that matter but it seems the argument is simply "I prefer this" kind of mentality.

If one argues that Beiber doesn't write his own songs than the same can be said for Miku.

Beiber uses Auto tune? Guess what, that's the whole Miku gimmick.

Miku is a technological marvel? Look at what groups like Black Eyed Peas and such have done live?

Beiber fucking up his own life, at least he has choice and with humans running Miku, who is to say the same can't happen?

I don't listen to either Miku/Beiber (Or really Pop music in general. Just simply my view of pop music but I've always preferred the unknowns or mainly Jazz/Ska music.) so what do I know. People arguing which ever group is better seems moot (to me at least) when a band like Black eyed Peas can be called legitimate or even the leaders of a dead genre like pop.

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Sure I'll throw mine out there.. steam ID: adamthe25

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Oh, just read the reason why this is happening on a video comment... If others are curious.

According to Drew: They won't be downloadable until we can upload our own recorded versions.

We wanted to get these up ASAP, so we're basically pulling in the server-side archives from our livestream service (which are not downloadable), rather than using our own uploads (which, since we're streaming all day, we're currently unable to upload). We'll be uploading our own versions later, hopefully in the next day or so.

So yeah that sucks but I understand.. Keep up the hard work!

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Hey, I would love to watch what the GB Crew "We're Talking Over" videos but none of them have the option to Download.. The Download button is there but shows nothing in the menu it bring up...

Would love to watch these videos and can't really stream them because of shoddy country internet. Was this intentional?

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@mosespippy: Yes, that may be true that those things would have no way of really telling you where they are on a map in real life but if it is some random collectible like a shard or orb and it wasn't on the mini map than I usually wont be bothered.

When it comes to enemies/vehicles than I absolutely want to see them on my map. Nothing in my mind is more irritating than getting to said destiny and not being able to find said person/vehicle isn't there and waste time looking something that's not there..

Besides It's a video game and doesn't need to be constrained by things like realism. Also, I thought they did good with that thing in not only Saints Row but also Sleeping Dogs by letting you unlock the ability to see such things on the map.

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@acidbrandon18: I wouldn't be surprised that it would be the same people that wanted to Ps3, or the Wii to die when it came out. Or before the same that wish "My console is better so that means others are inferior and should simply die" type of mentality that has been around since even the Atari/Intellivsion.

Just people being simply misguided that there are other options out there and that competition is what drives this industry to push forward. It is sad to see yes, but alike many who don't necessarily care for their hardware(and not reading any response to this question and just reading your question) it is this side that has always seemed to be a burden for developers since the NES. Nothing against hardware or Nintendo software it just seems that they have always had a history of being hard to work with. Also, the fact that they haven't had any really New Character or major IP since the snes has started a stagnation for old fans. Yes, we know the bad guy, we know the damsel(which is a very tired cliche), we know the hero..

That being said, I don't wish for Nintendo to fail or hate them. I've just grown bored of their hardware/software and if it means Nintendo has to continue like Sega and prove that they have talent to continue, I'd be up for that.

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@cornbredx: Sure you can play most of those games offline but with the first two and only GFWL games I've purchased are basically broken in my mind. Yeah, sure you "can" play Ace Combat or Dirt 3 offline but if you ever want to save your game than no, no you can't because of some dumb DRM bullshit.

Also at least this topic is game related. How many topics lately have been about unrelated garbage?