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Some good points but I'd have to say it's a bit early to say. Which, kills me to say as Survival Horror was my absolute favourite genre when it came to gaming. We had (I'm being generous here) maybe a handful of actual Survival Horror games that were good. P.T. looks interesting but I need to see more because from what I've seen I'm not impressed. Never heard of Until Dawn and don't know much about The Evil Within.

I can respect people enjoying Shattered Memories because it's an actual Survival horror game but it's a Silent Hill game in name only, I also hated being chased by Monster... Condemned 1 and 2 are still the top Horror games that have come out the last generation of consoles. Dead Space 1 and 2 is a great example of horror mixed with action. I'm sure there are more but 13 hour work shift has made me tired.

What people have been claiming as some of the more recent best horror games like Slendor, Outlast, and Amnesia I personally can't stand. But hey, that's fine, people love them. I just find them to just be a jump scare fest which I do not, Do Not count as horror I mean, if my cat can surprise me and give me a more effective jump scare than some of these horror games then I feel that disqualifies it. That and I find the fact that you can't fight back a horrible design choice. Not saying it's wrong just what I don't care about that strain of Horror because if I were to have people stalking me in the woods I'd probably pick up a log to defend myself.

That being said some of the best horror games didn't come out on consoles or relied on (I would call perfect) tank controls for their games. I was terrified of games like I have no mouth and I must scream, System Shock, and yeah... Phantasmagoria scared me as a kid lol.

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Seems people are throwing their lists out so why not. I've only played pretty much the number and Msx games so from best to worst in my eyes.

MGS1, MGS2, MGS4(sad to see Ocelots' arm lose his english accent..), Revengence, MGS1 Twin Snakes, MG1, Ground Zero, MG2, and lastly MGS3.

Wow I'm surprised about how much love MGS3 has. I've never looked to much into what the fans felt about it but I thought it was one of the worst in terms of bosses, with MGS4 having the worst. I'm not trying to be that guy but the only bosses I enjoyed in MGS3 were The Pain, The Boss, and The End and the only good boss in MGS4 was Ocelot. I did not care for the B&B and just thought it was painful to deal with. While the bosses in MGS1 and 2 I'll always love.

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Well the Sega Genesis is a great system and has quite the the library of games to look out for. I'm sure most of the Genesis titles can be found pretty cheap as well.

Some that I would look for is the Phantasy Star 2-4, Shining Force series, Sonic 1-3&K, Earthworm Jim, Streets of Rage 1-3, Ghouls and Ghosts, Ghostbusters, Toe-Jam & Earl 1-2, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, the best 16-bit Disney games(Alladin, Lion King, Etc), Gunstar Heroes, Contra: Hard Corps, TMNT: Hyperstone Heist(If I remember correctly), Rocket Knight Adventures, Ristar, Shinobi, Mega Turrican, E-Swat, Flashback, Mortal Kombat, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Beyond Oasis, Road Rash, NBA Jam, General Chaos and For Great Justice you have to get Zero Wing.

I'm sure there are many more but that's what I grew up playing.

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Hmm, seeing Gearbox's history with games and seeing how they have been behaving lately I've gotta say I'm not surprised. Sure I like Borderlands 2 and they did a great job with it but their history seems to be making average games. Now that they think they have the clout of a Multi-Award winning studio and as soon as they released Borderlands any subsequent game that they make that the fan base turns on is someone else's fault.

DNF is 3DRealms is fault! well, you really didn't need to go through all that trouble now did you. Also, a personally "Fuck You!!" to have not only a shitty ending to your game you release but at the Same Time have you character says it sucks.

Aliens is Segas fault! well this is on both ends.Making something you have gone on record claiming multiple times this is your dream opportunity and how you respect the fans and franchise and not following through. Also on Sega, backing and releasing it with their typical Sonic Hype cycle of "Here's a trailer for a a game that seems good but doesn't live up to the hype."

Also I'd say that Sega as of lately has been doing a good job with their image lately. There don't seems nearly as bad as EA and Activision. Maybe Gearbox should stick to Borderlands or ports but seeing as they are burning any nearby bridge lets see how long that goes.

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Maybe try any of the Tales of Series of RPG's for story i suppose. Sure, world movement is delegated to one player but the combat can be two player. At least, from the last few games I've played. Rayman is a great 2D Co-op game.

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@shotgunlincoln: Wait, there is a Rule of Rose 2? Really? I've got to find this immediately regardless of how I felt over the first one.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa.. I am finally glad we have a bombcast member that that not only recognize the best 3d Mario (Simple history: I love SMB1 and SMB3 but SMB2/Doki Doki Panic is garbage. Appreciate Mario 64 but believes Sunshine is best and Galaxy filled with fail proof boredom... Granted that's what I thought. )

The Remake of RE1 and prequel RE0 is fantastic, which is sadly followed by what use to say it to be.. "I considered The Worst RE" RE4. If people wish to know more of my opinion I'll elaborate then. MGS: The Twin Snakes is actually pretty good regardless of the hate. Mainly of the same voice actors/actress not using thier original accents and over-the-top cut scenes but, it seems that people forget that this was considered cannon/video direction approved by the creator of the series of himself.

I must have played at least,... At least 75-100 hours on Phantasy Star Online V1/V2... Offline. I have never played PSO online but have maxed a few characters offline?

Metriod Prime is absolutely superb, well, the first one was great. I never did play 2/3 or snes just the gamboy/nes/GC game. It's got Windwaker which is the second best Zelda game after Majora's Mask. Would have been the favourite if it didn't Have Tingle and his damn maps in Windwaker.

Melee is still the best Smash bros game of the series.

Eh,... =the Gamecube or Xbox could've stood out more if it weren't for the marketing dominance of the PS2. If I remember correctly, the Xbox and Gamecube were basically on par and the PS2 was the under performer of that generation but regardless it was the main platform which meant games were constantly built for the least powerful and ported up from there?

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I've encountered a issue that seems to negate my Left (shield) hand ever since I've tried the Dlc.

To explain the issue: No matter what I equip in the shield hand all it shows is the small wooden platform that is under every item but not show the item and when I would switch to said shield/item/weapon the animation would be as if I were uneqiuped but I would still have the weight of whichever shield/weapon/item i had equipped.

Now what may have caused this: I noticed that steam downloaded a gig yesterday but didn't think much of it. Got home from work today and saw today that the DLC was released and bought the season pass and checked online how to find it. Yes, I know that is cheating but after seeing the trouble that Vinny went through for DS1 ( I work 11 to sometimes 15 hours a day. Not a vaild excuse but yes, an excuse none the less..) I just wanted to know where to go. So I bought the Season Pass, loaded the game up, went to the area where you teleport to the first room with a fire in the center and a lit a torch, searched the room, and whenever I approached the main door it would just say "CLOSED" on screen. Now, with a torch in hand I quit to make sure I had the right key. I checked and it seemed like I had the key but the door couldn't open and I quit the game with a torch in hand.

So I quit and checked to see if the DLC was installed and Steam says "Yes" and followed that with the Verify integrity option in the Steam menu. Everything seemed to be okay. I started my save up and my character had a torch in hand and walked through said "CLOSED" door but as soon as I went dual handed to get rid of my torch, my character refused to bring anything out. I've reloaded at a bonfire, jumped off a cliff, let a enemy kill me, let a boss kill me, and have died from a status ailments. All I get is the Wood disk under the Left/Shield (nothing to show anything equipped just the wood disk underneath) option and the weight that the shield adds with no blocking abilities or any shield ability that I depend on as a main play style..

So... My build. should I start over? Hope the Giantbomb community braintrust could help me with my issue?

I've also tried to switch my character where they would be technically left handed but no matter what is in that left hand they refuse to be equipped with anything...

Please, I'm only a modest Lvl 130 and I'm too stubborn to learn to play with out a shield..

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@viciousbearmauling: Wait, are both of you angry about the fact that I called Shinji annoying (he was third really). I never went into why I found him annoying, bashed his character, or even said anything other than "And well.. Shinji.".

I also didn't see much Shinji bashing before I mentioned I found him annoying so I'm curious. Was what I said simply misconstrued into some horrible, hateful diatribe into the character of Shinji?

I had/still have some major issues' with this show regardless of the main character that even if the main character was great, I'd still hate the show.

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Valiant Hearts is indeed really enjoyable and the story works well. The only 2 slight issues I found was some cheap deaths and some illogical puzzles until I started figuring out the games logic.

One cheap death was later that spent me wandering the same 20 or so feet (in game) with only one door to exit with a guard watching the door. Turns out all you need to do is walk through the door on the furthest possible side (from the guard) and it works. I was caught by the guard twice and than spent 20 mins walking back and forth until it worked the third attempt?

Absolutely great game despite that one frustrating part.