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I think the others yield to the dominant opinion when they really don't have any overly positive or negative feelings about the game. If the others truly liked or dislike something, they would argue, otherwise why bother? I mean, Patrick likes Yoshi so they argue about that. Happened a couple of other times too. That said, losing Vinny I think makes the situation worse, since he was (and still is) an optimist.

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Rolling Exile on a PvP server, bummer!

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I always got the impression that the core group was shorthanded... Oh well, very happy for Vinny and his family, small business family is going home!

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I PM'd SnakeLinkSonic but I'll ask here anyways... need an invite for Berran Littlehouse

Edit: invite received!

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This is unbelievable. I feel like I've known him for such a long time, but I've only met him once... He will be greatly missed...Rest in Peace.

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If Johnny V doesn't win the whole thing I'm going to burn this website to the ground

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Sometimes it's not really about the word itself, it's just about reaching into your bag of swear words and slamming out whatever you happen to find. For what it's worth, I've always considered you an equal-opportunity kind of asshole, and of course the community still loves you!

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Do the servers have to be live to play it at all? Kinda like what happened with Assassins Creed not too long ago? Because if so, I'm out. I refuse to own a game that requires another machine to validate me playing a single player game while I'm playing it.

Thank you. People are against EA and Ubisoft online DRM, but not this. For me, I'm against anything that requires me to have any sort of online DRM in order to play and I pity gamers that are OK with this.

Good, pity me, I'll be playing games and enjoying myself. Enjoy your boycott, or moral outrage, or whatever it is you have.

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I have decided to wait for reviews. So long as the game isn't a travesty I'll probably buy it.