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I'll look into this.

Sidenote: Just played Commander Ryckert. That was AMAZING!

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@cheddartyme: your stream: buttery smooth

but actual saltybet channel: jittery and unwatchable.

go figure.

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anyone having issues where the stream is lagging something fierce? I know my connection is fine, but lately the saltybet stream is slow and jittery.

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If you hit the home button while running the demo, you can bring up a manual which gives a good general explanation. It is admittedly hard at first, but becomes easier very quickly.

Also, monster fights are not 2 minute boss battles. They can go on for a while, so don't give up!

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Why does it have to be through the wiiU? Why not just make an app for PCs and Macs that does the same thing? I mean, my computer is already wired into my modem. Which connects my 3DS to the internet anyway. Wouldn't it by a simple matter of IP tunneling? I know that Nintendo is super secretive about the kind of wifi that their devices use, but come on!

TLDR: I have a 3ds and wiiU, I just don't have the wiiU in a position to BE wired for this nonsense. I want a computer-based solution.

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I'm kind of curious to see how many new players pick it up. Maybe it's just because the Wii U doesn't have much else going on right now, more so now that Rayman Legends has been delayed, but I feel like MH3U has more buzz around it than previous games in the series.

I think you are right. I bought a WiiU only for MH3U and Rayman Legends was just a bonus. Now with that gone, the Wii U is pretty much a Monster Hunter machine.

But I am really glad to see more people interested in MH games! I have always been a major fan, but it is hard to explain to people why the games are so amazing. Hopefully the recent success of games like Dark Souls / ZombieU, people will at least take the time to learn MH properly. At first it seems clunky / grindy, but as soon as you get a handle on the controls and take down that epic monster after a 30 min is a feeling very few games can offer.

Yeah I think the barren wasteland that is the Wi U's upcoming releases page will get this game some more attention for sure. As for me I've always been a fan of the series from a distance, but for whatever reason I'm really excited to pick this one up.

Same. Really enjoyed the 3DS demo (Switch-Axe, motherfucker!!!) but oddly enough found the WiiU demo to be unweildy and hard to control. Probably because my fingers naturally rest on the ZR and ZL buttons, which don't do anything.

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Definitely getting this for my 3DS, might grab it on the wiiU also if I can get a good deal on a bundle of some kind. I know right now amazon is selling both on pre-order together for 80, which is better than the 100 you would normally pay. Still, it kinda makes me wish for some kind of cross-play promotion like sony has for some games.

Either way, this will be my first real experience with a MH game, and I cannot wait!

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Looks like GameTrailers is getting into the YotB spirit.

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Hell yes!!!! Preloading now. Can't WAIT for Thursday evening!

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I want to be able to preload it tomorrow, then at midnight on thursday i'll remote into my machine from work and have it decrypt for me while im on my way home. It's a foolproof plan.