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I can't think of much, but the ending of DeadSpace              
******SPOILER BELOW******          
   When you get attacked at the end from behind on your ship escaping the planet. That was bullshit for me, all that hard work to find out I may be dead? 

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@yakov456 said:

" @natetodamax said:

If only Serpentor was in the movie. Is he? "
That be sick, now for the movie being good, I will see this Friday.
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I choked on soda because of the photo. That is mean.

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I don't see what the big fuss is, I remember seeing pictures of George W. Bush compared to monkeys, and other pictures that made jabs at him, and I don't recall so much an uproar. Then again a lot of people didn't really like how things were run but that is besides the point. To be honest I think there is something more behind this uproar, but I could be wrong. Now if I wanted to be anal about this, I could say, that the comparison is trying to be made saying Obama is distrustful, insane and has his own agenda compared to what others think. I say that because in the movie The Joker has other reasons for what he did then the other crime families. That touches up with the socialism statement as well. I would go into more about this, but I like to keep gaming and politics separate, unless it is a game.

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GiantBomb - Games - Anime

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LOL, that made me laugh, "I sensed a power level higher then krillens loosing streak" fucking burn

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I got outside and see the real world.

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Damn if I had the money

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* XMB Menu(In game accessing of this is slow and needa performance fix)
*In Game Webbrowser (Make it easir for up to date inforomation on a game while playing.)
*In game music (XBOX 360 has it, why Can't we?)
*Emulation Software (Some of use can't or don't have the means to play our beloved ps2 games, and sony can do this if they really wanted too.

Those are just some of the things I think it needs to have done to make it worth it.

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