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The fact of the matter is there is barely any black, women or gay people in the gaming journalist occupation. GB are not going to hire someone to diversify, they are going to hire who is best for the job. This is a small company and these new hires are important to the companies future and livelihood. Just let them make the decision.

Seriously. As someone who is not white, I always want to see more diversity. But I think Dan is absolutely perfect for this position and that is more important to me than the diversity issue. And seriously, there is not much diversity in game journalism, period. Suddenly targeting GB for this is not fair. Kotaku has just one dude of ethnicity (evan), as does polygon (Samit) . IGN as far as I know has no dudes of ethnicity ( I may be wrong) .

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So glad Renee is getting a chance to host the pre-show. She is pretty much the best.

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Snake Eater just sounds like a lost James Bond theme, which is awesome.

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I will resubscribe this time, but as many people have said already, the return of a Proper Random PC game series, as opposed to it being shoehorned into unprofessional fridays. Also more multi-part series a la souls series and DMC

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Every now and then when I have a free moment, I think of Ryan and the countless memories I have of him.

I miss him greatly , and hope he leaves an incredible legacy in the games industry.

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@rorie Would it be possible to put the poster up at a time where europe isn't sleeping. We dont have a chance man!

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It would have been announced by now. Catherine was announced immediately for both consoles. I think its a sega yakuza style relationship with Sony, where they can release off-shoots or other games (binary domain), but mainline stuff stays exclusive.

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So glad Jeff appreciates what a masterpiece this game is. His comments near the end of the last stream made it seem like it may become one of his favorite games ever once its all said and done.

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People asking about Jeff Green will be disappointed to hear that he has a new job which he will announce soon, and that it is NOT Giant Bomb (from his dark souls stream). The dream, for now, is over.

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@milkman: just wondering, where did you get the idea that vinny would put bioshock at number 1? Can't remember him saying much of anything about the game. He has said plenty about how he loves TLOU though, so my predictions are?

Vinny: TLOU

Brad: DOTA 2

Patrick: TLOU

Jeff: Bioshock Infinite

Alex: TLOU

Drew: Not sure, he talked about TLOU a lot. Do not know how much he liked it though.

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