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I followed gamespot heavily all the way till jeff got fired. However, I didn't have any game consoles by the. And pretty much stopped paying attention to video games till about mid 2008 when MGS4 was about to come out. I wanted to see some reviews of the game and asked a friend for some options. He linked to brads video review, and my head exploded. All of my favorite GS personalities on a new badass site. And I never looked back.

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Isnt the position for News editor? Does Cara have substantial experience covering and breaking news? Shes a great writer, and her embed stuff was interesting, but the job description sounded like they wanted someone with a good track record of covering and breaking news, and someone who could run a news team.

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I dont think I can watch any more of them. The games are super boring to watch and noone seems to be having a good time except Dan. Even Jeff's reactions will get stale eventually.

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Oh man, did not expect this. Also did not expect to burst into tears today but if anyone mentions Ryan, I will burst into tears. Thanks for everything duder.

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Yeah, never understood the amount of love that Iron Bull has. Yeah, hes a giant horned dude whos in to S&M, but not much more. I really like Cassandra . She starts out being the tough impenetrable type, but she becomes a much more interesting character as you go through her story. Also Dorian is great too.

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Oh yeah, the Screening Room is back in some for atleast. I wouldn't wanna see any of the movies they already did on the screening room, but they were talking bout watching robocop and they never did, so that should be a top priority.

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Dammit ! Listened to summerjams spotify playlist and just suddenly burst into tears . Still hurts man. Love ya duder!

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Did you play with the game pad or a pro controller? Wondering if its worth it to get a pro controller for this game.

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I think Far cry 4 will be Jeff and Dan's GOTY and it will probably be between that, Mordor and a few others.

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Good luck Alexis. We had some good time at GB. Imagine if he joined webhook with Dave and other whiskey media dudes. That would be pretty cool.