DLC Maps In Popular Games...They Need to Be Done Correctly.

Alright, so here's my problem.  A week ago a friend of mine broke down and purchased the last Halo map pack that he was missing because over the course of the last few weeks, Halo 3's server's have switched over to require all dlc maps (the only exception of this being Social Slayer).  While this is great and all, the main problem that I have with this is: none of these maps that he just purchased are ever used.  We still get all the free maps we already have, or the ones on the disc.  But hardly ever do any of the mythic maps come up in a play list, unless you are playing "Team Mythic".  
I understand it's a thing with those that control the servers for these games.  I mean, you can't expect everyone to adapt and purchase the new content right away.  But still, these are maps that I want to play, yet I hardly ever play them. 
Now on the other end of this, we have Modern Warfare 2.  I love Call of Duty, don't get me wrong, but when I saw that Activision was going to start making gamers pay $15 dollars for new maps, i said no. I mean, it's not fair to up the price when you are getting two more maps that were in the previous game.  It's just not worth the price.  So, unlike Halo 3, I haven't bought the new Modern Warfare 2 maps.  Perhaps one day when they drop in price I will, but I don't see myself doing that any time soon.
I guess my thing is, does anyone here want to see these maps get used more and is it even possible for them to do that?  Or is it just going to become something of "blind luck" when playing these games in matchmaking, that you come across these maps?