Posted by Master_Thief

Feel free to express your opinions for the fourth installment on sly cooper thieves in time

Posted by FancySoapsMan

you first

Posted by MatPaget

I'm self conscious. You go first!

Posted by spankingaddict

So far , it sounds like what I want in a sly4 . Does anyone have any idea on a release date ?

Posted by buzz_killington

What is this, a job interview? Jesus, I didn't know I was gonna be interrogated on the GB forums. All of this super-formal nonsense on the forums has started after the CBS acquisition. CONNECT THE DOTS, PEOPLE!

Posted by Trace

Since it appears you're just slinging these useless topics out for a quest, I should point out that you don't actually have to attach blogs to the forums. Just ignore the dialog box that appears after posting a blog, and it'll stay within your profile, where no one else will have to deal with it.