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Duke Nukem Forever Single-Player Review 0

Duke Nukem Forever—a game that, for many years, had been a videogame industry joke for constantly promising its release, but never actually coming out… for 15 years.   First revealed in 1997, DNF was a highly anticipated title after Duke’s last, widely successful appearance in Duke Nukem 3D in 1996.   Over the course of the 14 years from its announcement to its eventual release, 3D Realms (the studio that created the Duke Nukem franchise) teased gamers with a slow (very, very slow) stream of inf...

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Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Review 4

Launch titles are a tricky thing—on one hand, you want a game to play on your newly purchased hardware; on the other, you have limited options with the majority of games released alongside a system ranging from really bad to merely okay.   With the Nintendo 3DS just released and its launch library now available, it’s important to discern which games are worth your investment—Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars certainly is. Graphically, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is kind of ugly.   The characte...

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Torchlight XBLA Review 0

I’m primarily a console gamer—I don’t often indulge in the world of PC gaming. Torchlight is one of the many PC games I’ve never enjoyed and the 2009 title has finally made its transition to console with its release on XBOX Live Arcade. Since I’ve never played the PC version, I can’t really comment on the differences between the versions, but I will say that it’s a game that works very well with a controller.Set in the town of Torchlight, and the mines below it, Torchlight’s story puts you in th...

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Beyond Good & Evil HD Review 0

Beyond Good & Evil was originally released as a multiplatform title in 2003 and was one of those games that was highly praised but wasn’t met with high sales.   The people who played it were very vocal about how they felt about the game, but that didn’t sway other gamers into investing in the world of Hillys and the characters that inhabit it.   After experiencing Beyond Good & Evil, it pains me to know I was one of the many who didn’t enjoy this gem when it was first released. I was sti...

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Dead Space (XBOX 360) Single Player Review 0

If you read my recently posted review of Dead Space The First, you may have noticed that I wasn’t one of its most ardent supporters.   Don’t misunderstand my 3 star rating as me hating the game, because I didn’t; I liked Dead Space (DS), but I didn’t love it.   It had a lot of good ideas and fell short on following through with those ideas the majority of the time, but it was still a solid, enjoyable game—just, in my opinion, not as “great!” as everyone made it out to be.   With Dead Space 2 (DS...

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Dead Space (XBOX 360) Review 0

With Dead Space 2 out and my copy still in the mail, I thought it would be a good idea to run through the game that got the franchise its start to get me back up to speed before plunging into the very well-received sequel (with an average rating of 90 from 73 critics on Metacritic).  I only played through the game once when I originally purchased it, and that was a couple years ago, so playing through it again was a relatively fresh experience.  For this review, I decided to go at it on Impossib...

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TRON: Evolution (XBOX 360) Review 0

(Edited to contain my multiplayer review)    I was born six years after the first TRON movie hit theatres, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the fantastic digital world presented in that Disney flick when it was initially released; I did, however, get to view it when it aired on the Disney Channel sometime around the 20th anniversary. I think I was 13 at that time and I had seen better movies with far better visual effects, art direction, and writing—but there was something oddly alluring about the date...

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Well worth the price of admission 3

 When I first saw trailers for Deadly Premonition, I was quite intrigued (I love adventure and survival horror games)-so I was going to get this game regardless price or quality (there are so few games in those genres these days that it's hard to get my fix)... and when I heard that it was going to be 20 bucks, I got even more excited (most budget games these days cost 40... which is 20 bucks more than what a budget game cost one console generation ago). I have to say, I've been very pleasantly ...

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