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Saints Row 2 was not only my favorite game in the series but one of my favorite games ever. While I don't care that much about a dramatic story I would not call any of what was in Saints Row 2 dramatic either. I would be cool seeing another saints row with mission more like in saints row 3 where people are flying through planes and shit instead of the numbingly over the top craziness they have been shooting for recently.

Also I would take Red Faction: Guerrilla 2

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Battlefront 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Infamous Second Son.

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The Worlds End and Elysium

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Duke Nukem Forever is by far the blandest and most boring game I have ever played, I'm still pissed that I spent money on that piece of shit.

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More Video Games...

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You should try Saints Row 2 because it has a bit more replayability than 3, and then if you like it try Saints Row 3

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Really happy to here people are liking the movie, i'm a big Del Toro fan and I cant wait to check this out!

@skytylz said:

Movie looks terrible. Del Toro is a one and done with Pan's Labyrinth. Everything else he has done has been mediocre or terrible which is too bad.

What!?!?!? Hellboy was awesome!

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I really liked Saints Row 2 and was super excited for and enjoyed Saints Row 3, but right now I have the same excitement level as I have for a COD game... Which is none.