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#1 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -

Tim Hortons? Do y'all have the internet in Canny?  

#2 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -

Kings Quest, or Kyrandia, Barren Realms Elite or any of the early bbs ascii games.

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@andy: What if I was a Weakass engineer? Would I still get a consideration =)
#4 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -
@skywing: Good luck. Whenever I buy in bulk like that I just drink it till it's all gone. Gamer: Obsessive (check)
#5 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -

way too emotional for me. It's just a game.  You can get involved but at the end of the's a game.

#6 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -

Sorry but mgmt wasn't some starter. They're just rehashing the electro clash. If anything they're late to the game.  It's all bred out of that horrible breed of music that was coming out in the late 90's after brit pop ended.
also what's the question " This was the song that I feel made a lot of artists try their hand at more Disco influenced stuff back in the 2000's
We're still IN the 2000's. 

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 Who the hell cares about taking the video game industry more seriously and why should I ever care what they think?  Also..dude. Looking up to journalists? C'mon. Seriously? Thanks for taking the time to think this up, I know you feel strongly about it but it would cause a lot less turmoil feeling LESS strongly about it. The world's screwed up man.

#8 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -
@FrankCanada97:  Frank you better be a tragically hip fan or i'll be a little sad inside. 
Also...Tim Horton's just opened in NYC!! *humps air*
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I'd say killzone too. Great game, the both of them. I get clowned for it from friends but the early ghost recon games are pretty good.  Might be easy to grasp due to your previous jump into the FPS world of CoD.

#10 Posted by MasterControl (29 posts) -
@Brad:  yeah this was the reason I was hoping to get on the backwards compatability. Hopefully they update the graphics a tad...
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