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@gike987: Okay, fair enough. However, I don't think it's supposed to be some kind of conceited thing. It's just an endearing quality. Readers joke to him about it, and he sends it right back. But I can see if you aren't a "fan" how it could come off as being conceited. I don't know, it just seems like people aren't being fair, or to put it more bluntly, rude little rat dicks. Not just about the "work out" thing. On all of his articles he seems to receive a lot of very uncalled for detraction. He doesn't have to be your favorite writer, but I don't understand all the hate. [EDIT] And, no, this isn't "leave Britney alone!". I just think it's a little ridiculous, that's all.
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@XivSpew: More importantly, not only is he an exercise freak, but he was making an honest to goodness joke about it. Some people seem to not understand the importance of joking around, and having a good time. It's video games. It's fun.
@Radar: I think he was referring to all the flak that he gets for his news articles.
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Fucks sake, you guys...

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@eznark:  It's safe to assume, yes.
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Let's keep garbage negative comments out of our Giant Bombs.
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@Ryax said:
" @Sjupp said:
" @Ryax said:
" @AlmostSwedish said:
" @emkeighcameron said:
" Lookin' more like a Wii every day "
Let's hope for white Move controllers!  Also, this Brad contributes more to the site than the other, lesser Brad "
the fuck you say about shoemaker?  "
thats what im sayin "
Hey, hey! Fellas, please! They're both pretty cool/sexy dudes if you ask me.
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Green grocers.

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@Napalm said:

" Shutup. "

@DEllen said:

" It's a game "

Oh, you guys sure told him. He'll think twice before making a light-hearted joke again!
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2D Castlevania games.

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That's strange. I just wrote a rock ballad about both rockets and riots.
"Rockets are great. Riots are good.
I love both like I know I shooould!
Come on baby just try it!"

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