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Ill give it a shot thanks

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@Gamer_152 said:
" Should this thread go under try some of the guys at Anime Vice, I'm sure they have tons of those kinds of wallpapers. "
eh its off topic so Im sure its fine here@Rockdalf said:
" Tried my best and no luck, but I did find an awesome Cowboy Bebop wallpaper, so I have that to thank you for.   "
post it man post it
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Ah just what I wanted to see before I went to sleep. Members helping members accomplish there dreams.

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I gotta crash but my fellow members of Giant Bomb don't let this thread die BUMP IT TIL IT BLEEDS!!!! plz and thank you.

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If anyone has seen Cowboy Bebop you know how at then end of every episode is says See You Space Cowboy! Well Ill looking for that screen or a wallpaper that has that. That and Cowboy Bebop wall papers in general but mainly that one

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@pweidman said:
" @MasterKite: S rank the entire game, as in get 1000/1000 gamer score.   Look at the achieves, some are completely redic. "
Jesus do they really expect us to do some of these thats retarded.
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@pweidman said:
" Still playing and you can find an online mp game easily(in the US too).  The game has issues, but the positives outweigh the negatives.  The game's gorgeous and has a very addictive quality in how you unlock stuff, all while having very fun and challenging gameplay, especially in co-op w/friends.  Do not expect to S rank'll take forever literally. "
Thats True. Ive totally killed on a mission and still only got an a. All in all though here is a tip. If your trying to unlock character parts put the game on easy and equip superstar you can game about 2-5 levels a chapter depending on your current level and the chapter.
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Lost Planet 2

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@Atomasist said:
" The picture isn't that great. "
maybe not to you but I want it. On that note show me a better one then.
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damn if only there was a bigger version of the pic.

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