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anybody else get a vibe of the old build of splinter cell conviction about this the one that got scrapped .

anyways it looks amazing cant wait to hear more!

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any offers ?

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9 million on trick and still to do the race

G-tag is - soap r i p

would be very grateful if people would add me as i only have one person on my leader board thanks :)

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hi my names nate ive only recently sent up an account on giantbomb but have been following the site for many years and i was wandering if somebody could help.

so my proplem is that when i synch my gamertag to show achievements it shows no score and tells me to change my privacy settings on my account, so after changing a few settings i re-synced my account but still no joy so i was wandering if someone could tell me the exact setting i need to change thanks

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Yes hell yes Dougan is waaaaaaaaaay to cocky for my liking and in nearly every videos i have seen of him trying to beats somebody's score he fails :P

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@shadows_kill: nah man it was confirmed in a video chat today with dougan that it will not feature any full game unlocks and no geo tags :)

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hi im really needing friends who are going to be playing ssx when i buy the game please add my gamer tag thank you soooooooooooooo

Gtag- soap r i p