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I bought the original castlevania lords of shadow knowing it didn't review super well but it had a sotn download code And was on sale for $15. Ended up loving every minute of it.

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I asked my dad for chore money early to get KOToR not really knowing much about it other than it was a star wars game. Boy was I surprised. Finished it 5 separate times

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I don't pre-order unless there's some good deal with it. That being said smash bros, mkx, and dragon age will all be mine on launch.

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Tacoma, wa, usa

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I'm torn between being excited and scared. If the amount of Vinny in my life goes up though I'm all for it

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I resisted for 5 years then started dating somebody who was on the same level as me hr-wise (as management we weren't allowed to date direct reports and line level employees that didn't report to us were very frowned upon) We both were laid off a year later, but we're still together.

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I'll take a little inferno

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HOW DARE THEY CALL OUR SCOOPS A LIAR! But really, not a big deal. Important in terms of gaming on mobile, but not really in terms of companies exchanging money or services for exclusivity. It is hilarious to see all the vehement denials though.

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@artie: for the record I said you were bitching, not that you're a bitch. You're just not offering anything to converse about. Why was this $20 game the worst value proposition you've ever experienced even though you really enjoyed the game? Doesn't compute for me.

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@the_nubster: the issue is he only says the value proposition isn't right, he gives no criticism otherwise. And then says generally that the value prop is wrong on every other entertainment category as well. There's no discussion to be had from that