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HOW DARE THEY CALL OUR SCOOPS A LIAR! But really, not a big deal. Important in terms of gaming on mobile, but not really in terms of companies exchanging money or services for exclusivity. It is hilarious to see all the vehement denials though.

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@artie: for the record I said you were bitching, not that you're a bitch. You're just not offering anything to converse about. Why was this $20 game the worst value proposition you've ever experienced even though you really enjoyed the game? Doesn't compute for me.

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@the_nubster: the issue is he only says the value proposition isn't right, he gives no criticism otherwise. And then says generally that the value prop is wrong on every other entertainment category as well. There's no discussion to be had from that

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Dude, what? Why did you spend $20 on a game you weren't interested in then? There's plenty of information out about what it is. If you never want to be disappointed in the value proposition of a game then wait til everything is on a steam sale or in a humble bundle before you buy it. For you it was a bad value proposition, for most people it seems to be a great value proposition. That's fine. If you have criticisms then talk about it. Don't bitch and moan on the internet because you spent money that in hindsight was unwise for you. Especially when it's a game that released at 33% the price of a regular retail game. You don't want to hear me complain about the $2.99 I wasted on a smothered burrito from taco bell and nobody cares to hear you bitch and moan about this.

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I mean there are games for it, sure. Games that can't be played elsewhere or are worth the cost of entry? No. Not for me anyways.

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I had taco bell breakfast on my road trip this spring and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it. I'd give this monstrosity a try

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The only podcasts I consistently listen to anymore are mbmbam and this American life. Other than bombcast of course

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I've never played a dynasty warriors game but I kinda wanna play 8 because it looks so dumb and like mindless fun.

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As Somebody whose only smt experience is the endurance run I'm wondering what I'm getting myself into with 4 when I buy it this Friday as well

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It was a special cathartic experience. Really glad the guys did it.