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The only podcasts I consistently listen to anymore are mbmbam and this American life. Other than bombcast of course

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I've never played a dynasty warriors game but I kinda wanna play 8 because it looks so dumb and like mindless fun.

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As Somebody whose only smt experience is the endurance run I'm wondering what I'm getting myself into with 4 when I buy it this Friday as well

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It was a special cathartic experience. Really glad the guys did it.

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@lydian_sel: Thank you! Digital hugs to anybody that needs them as well. It's up, poured myself a drink, ready to do this.

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I told my lady friend. I think she could understand intellectually if not emotionally. My brother and I talked about it a bit too since we used to share a bedroom and he had heard years of podcasting and became a fan of the site as well after I moved out.

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And my partner and I parted ways today. I'm going to need a hug after this guys.

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I cried a little bit. It's a little easier to deal with after having dealt with some family And friends dying recently. But I Know from those experiences the big breakdown will come someday out of the blue when I hear some stranger talking about stabbing a dude, uh, uh, uh.

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I listened to the crew when they were on gamespot instead of doing homework in high school. Followed them to giantbomb and they helped me get through a crushing breakup in college. Last year hearing Ryan Davis sometimes talk about games on tuuuuesday was the first time I laughed after my father passed away. I'll miss you Ryan, we all will. Rip you wonderful man.