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And my partner and I parted ways today. I'm going to need a hug after this guys.

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I cried a little bit. It's a little easier to deal with after having dealt with some family And friends dying recently. But I Know from those experiences the big breakdown will come someday out of the blue when I hear some stranger talking about stabbing a dude, uh, uh, uh.

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I listened to the crew when they were on gamespot instead of doing homework in high school. Followed them to giantbomb and they helped me get through a crushing breakup in college. Last year hearing Ryan Davis sometimes talk about games on tuuuuesday was the first time I laughed after my father passed away. I'll miss you Ryan, we all will. Rip you wonderful man.

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I think he probably learned his lesson and should be let out on time served.

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Or just enable all that stuff for people that buy the games digitally. That way it's authenticated by logging in. If you're playing on another console keep that hour check in. Simple. Gives people a reason to buy digitally other than not wanting to disc swap or limited space in their residence.

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My expectations were low, so no. It'll be a great box for Nintendo games and it has taken over as my video streaming platform of choice

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Ps4. Anecdotally at the retail store I work at we're dead even on preorders for them

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For me, I liked the xbox exclusives more, but I'll be buying the ps4 because of Microsoft's policies. I typically only buy used when a game is out of print, but I sure as hell trade games in. That's how I afford to buy new games and consoles.

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Some of the xbone stuff looked cool, but i'll just get most of it for pc