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Ps4. Anecdotally at the retail store I work at we're dead even on preorders for them

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For me, I liked the xbox exclusives more, but I'll be buying the ps4 because of Microsoft's policies. I typically only buy used when a game is out of print, but I sure as hell trade games in. That's how I afford to buy new games and consoles.

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Some of the xbone stuff looked cool, but i'll just get most of it for pc

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Once right as I was leaving for work,made me late cause I had to re shower. The other time I was with a girl, fortunately had my hood up.

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Favorite writer is Alex. Jeff, Ryan, and vinny are in a 3 way tie for cult of personality champion

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I like Anthony a lot as a person. Less so as somebody I related to about games, but he seems like a dude I would hang out with

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The thing people miss when they bring up steam is that I have full confidence pcs will be around for my entire life. These new consoles I'm unsure if they'll be around in 5 years.

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I'm totally out. No matter the games for a couple of years. When this thing is at a budget price we'll talk again perhaps. Waiting for Sony to basically make the same announcement though at E3. Unless they're willing to cut the three biggest publishers from their library in favor of consumer rights! Totally likely, right? PC and 3DS gaming it is!

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Totally fake