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Totally fake

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No problem with it even though I still buy physical albums. Just hope it's near dark twisted or 808s in quality.

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I just had the pleasure of seeing them and grinderman live at Coachella. Two of the best sets of the weekend!

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Thanks for this Patrick. Played through the game this morning and it definitely made me tear up from how accurate certain scenarios were. I feel a lot of the frustrations presented about communicating my depression to partners and close friends. Going to send this out to a couple of them and have a discussion afterwards.

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This panel was the worst.

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Some effects will reverse as quickly as 24 hours, others can take over a year, but yes they're reversible. You're exponentially less likely to quit the longer you smoke as well as the older you are, so quit as soon as you can

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The excitement vinny gets from playing sleeping dogs is what sold me on it. I hope he gets some vo or nod in some way.

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Try living in wa, where amazon has always charged tax. Also, dunno if they do for every state, but steam, nintendo, and microsoft are all based here so I'm taxed for everything I do digitally. Womp womp.

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I buy used games when I missed a game and its not being printed new anymore. I also trade in games to buy my new games. How consumers being less able to purchase games benefits the industry I don't know. Especially given recent comments by ea saying they'd like to further raise game prices.

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Really awful if true. I don't buy it though. I work in retail and probably 30% of our xbox customers don't connect it to the internet.