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@Pazy: I don't know, I think that there are definitely pieces of art/entertainment that just about everybody can appreciate, or even if you don't appreciate it you can at least appreciate the impact it had on the media and/or the culture at large.  Using your example, I hated the Godfather movies but I was glad that I watched them because there has been a huge effect on our culture from them.  People who have never seen the movies know scenes and quotes from them.   
Now Bioshock may not change our culture, Little Sisters might not be a concept that everybody knows, but it will definitely have some sort of effect on gaming and I think that it's important to experience it because of that.   Do you have to experience it to have fun with gaming?  Absolutely not.  Will everybody enjoy it?  Nope.  But if you want to be immersed in gaming culture I believe that you should probably sit down and give it a shot at least.  If you don't it doesn't devalue your experience in any way, it doesn't mean what you think is fun isn't valid, but if you've missed out on a ton of milestone games I don't think I could have a deep discussion with you about gaming.
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@Pazy: It doesn't mean you have to like them, just that you should at least try and experience them.  The way we could compile a list for movies: 2001, Citizen Kane, etc.  Important games for the platform that you should experience.
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@AlexB: No gelled hair, and I consider myself pretty undouchey.  The biggest douchey thing I've done all week was tell a woman that we couldn't exchange her UK version of Mama Mia because she obviously didn't buy it at a Best Buy.  She asked to talk to the manager, I think he gave it to her.  I hate retail sometimes.
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@natetodamax: Do you prefer those stores or are they just closer?
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Yay!  I was thinking I'd wait until later and hope they packaged all the DLC as a bundle, but I'll take it for free too.

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@Pie: I don't think he meant exclusives, just if you want to be taken seriously as a gamer. 
I would probably take out Saints Row from his list maybe add Dead Space
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@CoolDrMoney: Honestly a lot of it is that people are just disrespectful.  The drumsets break in about 3 days on average, people try to steal the various pieces of equipment.  I do kind of work in the ghetto though.  But when something does break we can't just store use a drumset we have to order it which takes a couple weeks.  It's kind of a bad system, but I don't see it getting that much better.  Good insight though.
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@PabloDiablo: I had a dude shocked as hell that I knew what he was talking about when he asked if we had Tales of Vesperia today.  Unfortunately BB doesn't carry it anymore so I had to send him to gamestop.  That's probably the biggest bummer working there, I feel like we have a rep for employees that don't know what they're talking about when it comes to gaming, then when I finally talk to somebody that is a "hardcore" gamer we usually aren't carrying the older not platinum hits game he/she was looking for.
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@Agnogenic: Why movies and not games?
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@choffy21: Thanks :)  I had to go to gamestop the other day to pick up Little King's Story, BS that Best Buy doesn't carry it.