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@CoolDrMoney: Honestly a lot of it is that people are just disrespectful.  The drumsets break in about 3 days on average, people try to steal the various pieces of equipment.  I do kind of work in the ghetto though.  But when something does break we can't just store use a drumset we have to order it which takes a couple weeks.  It's kind of a bad system, but I don't see it getting that much better.  Good insight though.
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@PabloDiablo: I had a dude shocked as hell that I knew what he was talking about when he asked if we had Tales of Vesperia today.  Unfortunately BB doesn't carry it anymore so I had to send him to gamestop.  That's probably the biggest bummer working there, I feel like we have a rep for employees that don't know what they're talking about when it comes to gaming, then when I finally talk to somebody that is a "hardcore" gamer we usually aren't carrying the older not platinum hits game he/she was looking for.
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@Agnogenic: Why movies and not games?
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@choffy21: Thanks :)  I had to go to gamestop the other day to pick up Little King's Story, BS that Best Buy doesn't carry it.
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@choffy21: Why not usually?  What would make you come more often?
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@CitizenKane: Definitely agree with you on that.  At my store the PC games are hidden behind DVDs, it's ridiculous and probably the most common thing I get asked about, because nobody can find it.
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What do you like about them, what do you dislike?  I'll be straight up, I work there and feel like our gaming department is a bit of a joke sometimes and am working on trying to change that.  What would you change/add/remove from Best Buy's gaming department?  What do you like already?  Thanks for any input guys. 

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How was Midnight Club: LA?

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FEAR was awesome.  2 (apparently like a lot of other people) I found to be disappointing.  I can't really figure out why, though I did find it way less scary, but for whatever reason I was just pushing myself to beat the game and was super relieved to finish it.