Ugghhh! Stupid memory!

So, I've already forgotten my Giant Bomb pass. Luckily I'm always logged in on my home computer. But the E-Mail I used to set up the account, well, I can't access it. It's a special domain account I guess.... When I go to recover it, it says, "Please contact your domain administrator to help you access your username or reset your password." Well, I did, but he's extremely busy with work this summer and hasn't got around to it. He's also the one who first told me about Giant Bomb back in March, and he's only just signed up last night, around midnight. Tells you how busy he is. =P

So now I'm sitting here, needing two passwords, so I can change my Giant Bomb pass, and use that other E-Mail account again. I thought I knew the passwords to both of these, but apparently not.

Head banging frustration!


Finally dropped the Giant Bomb has been!

I've never blogged before, but this seems like the perfect time.

I've been a fan of Giant Bomb since, I think, the fourth episode? Something around there. I remember my friend told me about the Jeff incident at Gamespot and I was like, "WTF?" we should hack their site and make people hate it. Turns out people already did. I had only been there once or twice. I didn't like it because it was extremely ugly.  And like I always say, ugly site, ugly content. That's just how things generally are.

But yes, I listened to those first episodes and was an instant fan. I stayed up til 5 that night, playing Brawl and listening to Jeff and Ryan talk about games and drinks. Now it's grown into something wonderful, and I'm truly proud to be a fan.

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