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all have been mentioned but;

  • The girl who leapt through time
  • Tokyo godfathers
  • Spirited away
  • Ghost in the shell 1 and 2 (movies)
  • Akira (though this kind of just perpetuates the anime stereotype of wo0o isn't anime suuper weird, and its not actually that fun to watch)
  • Sword of the stranger

They aren't necessarily the best but almost all of them are easy to enjoy, the first 3 will appeal to anyone no matter what gender or genre bias.

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Zankyou no Terror is interesting but man, something about how it looks is real offputting, I get they are going for a specific vibe but it just looks amateurish, like they skipped the colour picking stage, slapped a crap tonne of black in the shadows then let photoshop filters deal with the rest, it reminds me of K or coppelion (though not nearly as bad), two of the ugliest shows ive ever seen, its a shame because the animation is pretty good.

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IKARUGA where>>? you cant just tease it like that

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And so, the world of concept art shattered into thousands of tiny pieces, what a pain in the ass.

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Knights of sidonia could've been so much more, it has a unique setting but i cant see past awkward plastic dolls in google sketchup (also, 3d models animated on threes looks like lag). Then you compare with a show like captain earth and its the complete opposite problem.

Also, ping pong is gooooood, best new show of the season.

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Hooray for non cg mecha, too bad captain earth is cliche as hell

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@humanity said:

@musai Hey man I feel ya. I have a "blog" on Tumblr with some art I put up once in a while. I will on average get maybe like 12 reblogs or likes on Tumblr for any one thing I put up. Some of these are illustrations that probably took over 15 hrs total to make. Yet I visit some other "established" artist blogs that get thousands upon thousands of hits for any ol' doodle they're bothered to do. I don't think that I'm the Davinci of the modern world, but I think I do above average work that warrants a bit more recognition, alas.

It's a harsh world when you go at it alone.

Wellllll, people who draw have it a little easier in this instance. Illustration is one of the few fields where hard work and skill are actually rewarded, it is easier to measure so recognition comes faster (if you are good).

People pay attention to doodles of established artists because they are the result of thousands of hours of practice (either that or they just drew a lot of fan art). Average work from an average artist gets no attention because they haven't proven they have good taste, the idea that an artist has good taste is enough to elevate any crappy doodle (though if they do infact have good taste or skill it will be evident in a sketch).

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@video_game_king said:

But success only comes through failure

This article, son.


That is a crazy article. The person who wrote that is crazy and so are you if you agree with him. I still remember how to spell necessary because I got it wrong in a spelling bee. I know to make sure to double check that I have the company name right on my cover letters because of the time I sent out that one to a job I really wanted that still had another company's name on it. I know that I have to watch out for that section with mixed pizzicato and arco sections in the finale of Stravinsky's 1st because I've fucked it up so many times.

success ONLY comes through failure, it implies an absolute which just isn't true (also it makes extra less sense in this context)

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An incredibly exciting project with the potential to revolutionise all forms of visual media, backed by thousands of fans (mostly gamers), lead by what seemed to be very idealistic/ intelligent people, (gamers?) whose major concern was videogames and their eventual improvement, have been bought by a publicly held social media company whose primary concern is money and/or social networking.

You don't pay 2 billion for anything and not have plans for it, I am entirely sure that in the long run, facebook has no interest in pushing VR past what is merely acceptable.

also, facebook having a good track record after only acquiring other social networking services is meaningless, those services were probably bought because they were somewhat inline with what they were already doing.

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no, for anyone who wants an oculus rift, mobile is not the platform of today.

No matter how optimistic I am, Facebook and it motives don't seem beneficial at all.