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YAY! now if only I could find an easy way to catch up on the series

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Its a shitty way to increase perceived value of a brand or product. They are wasting millions of dollars to make themselves look more appealing only through making their competitors worse, not by actually producing something of worth. people who own an xbox gain nothing, less people experience the creators work, everyone else is inconvenienced, nobody benefits, again, there is no actual value being created. Its pure laziness and the net effect is completely negative.

I have no problem with a company funding a project or lending out an ip then claiming exclusivity, bayonetta 2 is a perfect example of a project turning exclusive for a good reason (it wouldn't have been made otherwise).

If you're gonna pull an asshole move like this at least be discreet about it.

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ugh, put that money somewhere productive, this benefits no one.

ill pick it up on pc a few months later

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Its too cheap for them to give you the games you actually want

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Poor free radical cant catch a break,

cant say I care about crytek and its future, they haven't made a good game since crisis 1 and they keep hiring extremely talented people only to reassign them to super generic projects.

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all have been mentioned but;

  • The girl who leapt through time
  • Tokyo godfathers
  • Spirited away
  • Ghost in the shell 1 and 2 (movies)
  • Akira (though this kind of just perpetuates the anime stereotype of wo0o isn't anime suuper weird, and its not actually that fun to watch)
  • Sword of the stranger

They aren't necessarily the best but almost all of them are easy to enjoy, the first 3 will appeal to anyone no matter what gender or genre bias.

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Zankyou no Terror is interesting but man, something about how it looks is real offputting, I get they are going for a specific vibe but it just looks amateurish, like they skipped the colour picking stage, slapped a crap tonne of black in the shadows then let photoshop filters deal with the rest, it reminds me of K or coppelion (though not nearly as bad), two of the ugliest shows ive ever seen, its a shame because the animation is pretty good.

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IKARUGA where>>? you cant just tease it like that

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And so, the world of concept art shattered into thousands of tiny pieces, what a pain in the ass.

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Knights of sidonia could've been so much more, it has a unique setting but i cant see past awkward plastic dolls in google sketchup (also, 3d models animated on threes looks like lag). Then you compare with a show like captain earth and its the complete opposite problem.

Also, ping pong is gooooood, best new show of the season.