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In this case it is alright to be a hypocrite, because I agree with you.. so I guess I am a hypocrite as well. Valve is a PC developer first and foremost and were probably surprised at the success of the Orange Box for 360. My guess is they are cautiously optimistic about Left 4 Dead resonating on the 360 which is why Valve has stated they will hold off on the PS3 version, pending the 360 version's success rate. It still isn't a legitimate excuse to screw over the 360 TF2 supporters (which they absolutely have), but I have a strong feeling that Valve's console support will change if Left 4 Dead gathers a large audience.

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Twas another quality 'cast. MB was a great guest.

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"Maybe the flash drives can be found with all the missing socks in this world, I smell a conspiracy."

Tell me about it.  =(
I feel your pain Kane. I've gone through my fair share of flash drives as well.

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From what I understand, it is about a 5-6 hour campaign with the time trials being the "meat" of replayability. I also voice your same concerns of  lack of content, but I adored the demo and cannot wait to see the final product. I am ultimately renting it, but if I am swooned enough I might just keep my Gamefly copy. =D

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Some highly regarded titles don't click with everyone. Imagine that. I don't particularly fancy Bioshock... I know. Boooooooo!

Sorry, I haven't accepted your invites. I haven't received it in the mail yet. I chose the online purchase route which results in a $10 cheaper, but marginally late arrival. Good impressions blog though.

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The leaderboard / personal stats inclusion is what is going to have people addicted. It is really awesome to see how creative and difficult some of these questions are. You also get a sense as to what types of games specific users enjoy. Aside from the occasional vagueness previously mentioned, I have been enjoying it a lot.

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To be honest, there are plenty of those who appreciate titles long after the initial launch window. Forums are flooded with these people and if you seek them, they are not hard to find. Just because the "main stream" media outlets don't delve into past experiences, it doesn't mean these fantastic games are long forgotten. It is their responsibility to keep us looking forward or else they wouldn't have jobs.

 It may sound like I'm hating on your post, but it's actually not the case. I definitely agree with you that we have been spoiled with great single player experiences and it may seem like we are generally unappreciative, but I still don't believe that to be true.

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To be fair, in an industry where almost every high profile title is a sequel, to disregard expectations is asking a lot especially from a reviewer's standpoint. It's hard to critique a product as a unique entity when the reason it exists in the first place is because of the high success of its predecessor. Maybe I am wrong but expectations are almost unavoidable in this nostalgia driven market, for both the titles and the developers behind them. The times when we see fresh perspectives are when we are blessed with fresh properties such as Portal, LBP, and Mirror's Edge. Regardless, I'll read that IGN UK review and maybe I am going to be swooned by it and have a change of heart.

You should be playing this animal cruelty beta with me in the meantime. =D
Mucho <3

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Anything whiskey powered is OK in my book. I am also an advocate of thunder stealing so you're batting 1.000!