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PSN IS: jtar86

Time Zone: Central

Games: AC4, KZ, COD, Rezogun

Accepting all friend request

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You guys ever play Diablo 3 TO THE MAX!?

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Playing X-Com EU while listening to the best of giantbombcast. I still haven't found a game that is that engrossing but doesn't require me to pay attention to any story beats other than the mission objective.

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Why are people expecting video games to be the fucking beacon of light for female rights. They are motherfucking video games for gods sake. There are sexy women in every other medium and those women are willing to put them selves in outfits like this for music videos, movies, etc. and nobody gives a fuck.

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@starforger: Yeah you need PS+ to play online now. I don't think PS4 can beat Xbone simply because the mass market still thinks that the Xbone is the best place to play CoD. Ask anyone that casually plays shooters or sports games and most with say the Xbone is better. I'm still unsure what I'll do come next gen, more than likely I'll just build a PC so I don't have to pay a 50 dollar a year fee to play online.

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I bet that annoyed gamer guy would never blow up at Activison or Ubisoft for not providing a statement. Because the site would lose ad revenue or even access to review copies of games. If your gonna call people out at least do it to everyone not just the little guys.

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Traded mine yesterday and got my son a 3ds. I lost all hope for that console when they announced they had Retro working on a DK sequel, broke my damn heart.

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PM your friend code and I'll add you


Name JJ

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" I feel good about finally having a solid plan on how to ship it!"

Should have had a solid plan all along, I backed this and could tell from the backer videos there was no way they could finish this game. They made poor decisions every step of the way and made me really question if Tim has what it takes to run a successful game studio. Maybe Kotick was right all those years ago.