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Such a loss... can't even fathom... prayers and thoughts go out to his wife, family, friends and all of Giantbomb. I cried... it hurts... never met him. Such a loss. :'(

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do you have a paypal accound beard?

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@beardfish: thanks beardfish...

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server seems to be down indeed...

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BF3... it's not on Steam is it? :p

j/k... thanks guys... I'll look into it.

Not sure about SupremeCommander... had never heard of AI War before. thanks.

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So I'm graduating this week... (its awesome, I know) and my wife's away for the weekend... so I'm having a LAN party.

Now I was wondering if any of you knew any good PC or 360 LAN games? There's gonna be 8 of us in total I think...

So far I've come up with:

  1. CounterStrike (GO)
  2. FlatOut 3
  3. Trials Evolution (360)
  4. StarCraft 2

Any ideas?

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Have been on the server from time to time... it seems real solid and stable on my end. Got my own little place :)

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@beardfish: thanks mate, but it still says im not white-listed...?

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Can i be whitelisted as well?

username: MasterTom

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thanks for those stats mate... awesome stuff to read :)