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This Revolution WILL be Televised 0

This is not a review I ever expected to be writing. The original Deus Ex was a game far ahead of its time; it still holds up today if you're willing to overlook the graphics and some general awkwardness. I've heard it called the greatest game ever made and, while I wouldn't go that far, I could easily put it in the top three. Which is why its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, was such a disappointment to me and many others. I could spend pages explaining why but I'll limit myself to saying I thoug...

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E.Y.E. Spy... 12

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is an unusual little game that seemingly came out of nowhere on Steam. I don't recall having seen anything related to it at all until the Steam page went up. A few of my friends convinced me it was worth a try and, considering it was only $20, I went for it.What IS E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, though? I can safely say after having put a few hours into it that I have absolutely no idea. It seems to be a Deus Ex/Matrix/Shadowrun RPG set in a dystopian Bladerunner-esque world....

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Don't be afraid of change 14

Allow me to start this review with a disclaimer: I am not a hardcore fangirl for either Monolith or the FEAR series in general. I played both FEAR 1 and 2 and found them to be quite good, but I don't hold them up on a pedestal like many people seem to do.With that out of the way let's talk about FEAR 3 (I am NOT calling it F3AR, sorry :) ). Now, I had zero expectations going into this game. I had seen some of the trailers a while back and thought they looked interesting, especially the ones cove...

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A modern take on a classic genre 0

 Shadow Complex is an Xbox Live Arcade Game following in the style of classic 2D side-scrolling games such as Metroid, Castlevania, and Super Mario. You play as Jason Flemming, a typical everyman who goes on a hiking trip with a girl named Claire. As you stumble after her (a basic introduction to the game's platforming), you see her captured by white-clad guards and dragged into a hidden fortress in the depths of the cave. It's up to you to explore hidden base of "the Restoration" to free Claire...

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