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I think this is a good thing, I think Value has all the potential of making a console for people who dont want to connect their PC's to the TV, but wish they could play on the bigger screens. Big Picture Mode is just the first part of that.

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@Phoenix87 said:

Hi, I'm Susan Sarandon. You may know me as Tim Robbin's mother, but I'm actually his girlfriend.

Actually, they broke up awhile ago.

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When you make a game like this, and do not show off anything about it until the very last moment. Its hard to get people excited for it. It sucks that so many people are losing jobs, but its not shocking either. I am sure many of them, if not all of them will land back on their feet swiftly.

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Wow, if the game is half as awesome as that trailer was, I am totally going to need to get it. I was really impressed with the trailer, it really grabs you and pulls you in.

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 #2,071 to finish. I hate to admit it, but this one was really hard for me. I dont play many fighting games, so this really gave me a run for my money.  
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#33, Talk about craziness!

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#1787 to finish, It would have been sooner but I kept reading the Dorian one wrong. and I was in the right area, just wrong page.

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It's getting to the point where Activision is the new EA. They are constantly making it harder and harder to like them, running their companies like god damn sweat shops. I pray to god, or whoever that Microsoft comes in and saves BC, because its a great company, with potential when in the right hands.

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#787 to finish.