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@mightyduck: Cross and Trigger have really different focuses. Chrono Trigger has a core party of around 6 party members who have fairly fleshed our stories and get extra sidequests at the end of the game to further build upon those.

Chrono Cross has something like over 40 playable party members without a major focus on anyone branching out of the real few key characters. Also a weird thing about this large amount of party members is that your starting party from the very beginning of the game has a random 3rd person every time you start a game. So clearly not many of the characters are heavily plot relevant.

Chrono Trigger is a classic that still holds up. The SNES or DS version are the way to go though, the PSX version, which is what the Vita uses, has some pretty insane load times.

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@clonedzero said:

If i had to make one comment.

They are too small to send guys out on "assignment" to see games. Like going on a trip for a couple days to play Watch_dogs only to have a few comments on the gameplay and some shitty B-roll does not seem to be worth anyones time for example.

Oh and they gotta stop opening mail on UPF and spending half an hour eating and drinking. it's infuriating. Everytime it happens i almost unsubscribe. Why they think thats ok to do is beyond me. And before some smug dickbag comes and goes "Well its UNPROFESSIONAL friday! of course they're going to be unprofessional!" I don't care.

Oh and they should be on time. It's not funny or cute when you're consistently half an hour late for every live stream because of "technical" mishaps.

It's adorable that you don't understand what the word unprofessional means. Just because it's the name of the show doesn't mean it ever really seems unprofessional. It's a structured live show, the times where they are being "unprofessional" are generally segments that they agree upon before the show. Which is what they always do.

Also I immediately discredit anyone who thinks Jeff is overly negative.

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Any of the old Gamespot 05-07 crew.

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Stoked for Rise because you know her story is going to be awesome. Also one of my favorite characters. Don't care about Persona 3 characters and don't see why anyone would. You got the only two good ones of the bunch already.

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I mean I get the reference, but still... what?

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It's odd. Does it seem like Gamespot is trying really hard to make their editors be the face of the site? It seems so forced compared to the old days in the 2000's. It seems here like they are just trying to force these people down our throats. Creepy.

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@theht said:

Here you go.

Except it's prettier.

Why does he keep saying THE Ocarina of Time? What the hell? Is that the official name? I'm sure it isn't the official name.

Also, how much better have these guys gotten on camera, huh?

Over the past summer I was looking for old GS videos and found a post from 2002 on some random forum talking about how the Gamespot guys were starting to do video. People were shocked to see Greg and Jeff's faces and didn't like them on camera at all. It's hilarious in hindsight seeing as GiantBomb is all about video content now.

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Hearing anything related to smash makes me miss the 2002-early 2007 smash community. Those were some fun dudes.

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I'm a day one guy. I stopped browsing Gamespot after they did their Hotspot podcast episode talking about Jeff's departure. Randomly in March 08 I decided to check Ryan or Jeff's Gamespot blog and they linked to the original blog website when it had a total of 3 or 4 podcasts on it.

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This was a fantastic article Patrick. Unfortunately, I have a serious problem with organizers deciding when they think a match is fixed or not. Sorry but picking a character in a fighting game that is notoriously under-powered does not instantly mean that a person is throwing the game.Unless they question the players and they subsequently admit to it I don't think this is at all enforceable.