Alternate Universe Gerstmann Sighting?

So, I was watching Have Gun Will Travel (or HGWT, as the kids like to call it) on Netflix last night, and there was an episode called "Last Laugh" which featured a simple-minded character named Jud. Jud was portrayed by an actor named Peter Whitney, who apparently did a lot of character work in '50s and '60s TV shows, especially westerns. I bring this up because...well, look at this image of Whitney from another role: 

Now consider this picture I found on Google from an episode of Beverly Hills he appeared on: 

 Anime is for Jerks!
If I was more tech savvy, I'd screencap some of the images of Whitney as the hapless Jud from that HGWT episode, because they look just like Jeff doing his famous "Dumb Guy" impersonation.  
Here's another Whitney image just for kicks: 
That's the WORST! 

My Dumb Username

I never actually saw this "UHF" movie when it came out. I know that Weird Al Yankovic and Michael "Kramer-From-Sienfeld-Who-Had-That-Weird-Racist-Epithet-Screaming-Episode-Captured-On-Video" Richards are in it, but beyond that I know pretty much nothing about it.  I have friends who could paraphrase parts from it, though, so its entirely possible that my fascination with the marvelous, fantastic cooking utensil in question (perhaps Man's Greatest Creation) began with somebody singing this featured song out of context. There's something nice and lyrical about the way the word SPA-CHU-LA sounds that I can't quite put my finger on  - and it also works great as a completely non-sequitur mundane item. Try bringing up spatulas in your day to day life and notice how much it confuses people! Unless you're a cook or work in a place that sells spatulas; that would be less random if not downright boring. 

As for the "lad" part of the name, its my homage to the cornball superhero names from Silver Age DC Comics, particularly those goofy 31st century kids from the Legion of Super Heroes. Bouncing Boy, Saturn Girl, Invisible Kid, Lightning Lad and the rest. There's a nice kind of dumb earnestness to the way they're named; they do what they say their names do, and that's it. Except Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl is not Saturn and doesn't turn into or summon Saturn. Who does she think she is? 
Anyways, here's a Magic: The Gathering card featuring a Spatula for no reason: 
Please enjoy Spatulas where you live or work.   
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8-Bit Brooklyn Hip Hop Vidya Game

The rap group Das Racist posted a weird little flash game/music video modeled on old school gaming. Its got guys dodging marriage garlands, a dance contest, and the beating deaths of several yuppies.  Worth checking out if you like more experimental kinds of hip hop and weird flash entertainment.