What are the Nintendo games that are worth collecting?

What are the games that you thing are really worth collecting?

I already have Zelda MM, Zelda OOT, zelda master quest, Zelda WW, Zelda Twilight Princess (pretty much every zeldas),  most of the mario games... Golden eye

So what else should i go for if i want to make a nice collector's list?

N64, Snes, GCN and wii releases only please, i feel like making a nintendo collection!

Thank you all in advance


Is it me or is nintendo going downhill since they released GCN

I consider myself a real nintendo fan.  But since the release of the gamecube, nintendo has been re-releasing his games and they kinda killed most of their franchises... well they did not kill them, they just made really bad games with them.

Zelda franchise

I enjoyed the puzzles of the nes zelda, but my favorite is still OOT.  I really enjoyed the gameboy and gameboy advance zeldas (DX, oracle of ages, oracle of season, minish cap, etc.)

Problem is... the new games are just not really that fun compared to what it used to b.

Windwaker had way too much water travelling. (and i usually clear the zelda games 100% but didnt even bother for that one)

phantom hourglass bugged me a lot because i stopped playing for about 2 months and when i got back into game i had no clue how to clear the dungeon because i had a bunch of arrows written on map and i did not remember anything about it.

Zelda Twilight Princess was fun... but they should've diversify it a little more.  I played it a lot, cleared i 100%... but i still believe that OOT was way better.

Mario franchise...
Umm...i rly start to hate how nintendo puts mario everywhere... mario tennis, mario basketball, baseball... New super mario bros was fun while mario galaxy was just weird... i never rly thought about mario going in space... and it just bothered me for the whole game.

Now... they release a New New super mario bros on wii with 4 players on-screen coop... i hope they do it good.  (Btw... ps3 is releasing a 256 ppl online game so uhh... having a 4 player mario game isnt that much of a big deal...)

Anyone else thinks that nintendo is doing really bad?