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I haven't logged in in a while but decided to do it for the spoilercast chat. I clicked the log in button in the page. It took me to the log in page and after I logged in I got an Confirm your Giant Bomb registration email.


Thanks for signing up for Giant Bomb.

Click this link to activate your account:.."

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I'm in!

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My rarest: TotemBall - Top Totem - Completed the single player game without losing a life. - 0,2%.

Don't try this at home...

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I wouldn't hold my breath. The first review (I think it was from GamesTM) gave it 3/10.

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Here is the sound file of it:

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@BlinkyTM said:

@Commisar123 said:

That sucks. They should release Breaking Brad for all audiences! I'm starting a petition!

Don't worry, you are not missing much...

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I currently have MX518 but I hate the wire so I'm going to buy a wireless mouse. I have been thinking about either Microsoft Sidewinder X8 or Logitech G700.

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Gamestop has had my money for a couple of months now :)

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This will blow your minds.

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