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@jaks said:

Galak-Z and our imaginary real sequel to Mercenaries are my two most wanted games right now. I guess the guys at Pandemic that made the original Mercenaries are spread all over the globe by now. Or making new light saber crystals to sell to SWTOR players.

I like to imagine them in a bunker somewhere, waiting for "The Moment".

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Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 hold up surprisingly well in my opinion. Likely because the focus is more on atmosphere than sheer graphical fidelity. Almost anything by Kojima looks good to this day. If you're a fan of sprite-based art there are nigh limitless options from the SNES and Gameboy eras. (I personally think the first two, maybe three generations of Pokemon still look nice, but it's hard to tell if that's just nostalgia coloring things for me).

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G'luck, mate. Thanks for everything. :)

Big loss for the site as a whole, though. Patrick brought an element to it I always felt was sorely necessary, and he's a very good foil for the Jeff and Ryan brand of shenanigans. That foil aspect I feel is even more important with Dan in the mix (though I have DEFINITELY warmed up to the man. Drew's been great for 'im :p ).

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Wait, people are surprised to see a Call of Duty game at the top of Jeff's list?

Do you people even GO to this site!?

ON the list: Unsurprising.

At the TOP of the list: Somewhat surprising until you think a little bit more about it.

Not saying it shouldn't be on his list (Hell, I don't think it even ranks anywhere in my top 20 were I to do one for this year), but it is a CoD game. It's somewhat surprising to see it on a major games media critic's list just due to the trend towards indie and critical darlings, y'know? But then you think about Jeff's tastes, and how he talked about the game on the podcast... it doesn't seem like he REALLY loved the game - just that most other games didn't really do it for him this year. Which I think might also help with the surprise - in the podcast he never seemed to be very enthused about it.

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@hassun: I feel you are asking for Drew to give up partway through due to frustration. He already waaaay over-relies on the radar and is kinda... Bad... at the stealth parts. Bumping MGS3 up on his first go-through is a bad idea.

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@liquidsnakegfer9 said:

Minecraft:story mode? Is that really the title? thats lame

It's likely a reference to Minecraft's game modes. Within Minecraft you have Survival Mode (the default game, where you can do whatever you want [up to and including "beat the game". There is an actual ending to be had if one wishes for it]), Creative Mode (Where you have infinite of all the blocks, do not need to mine, can fly, and are invincible), and Adventure Mode (where you cannot break the vast majority of blocks, but can interact with the interactive blocks like levers, buttons, and the like). This being named Story Mode tells you exactly what audience they're expecting to be interested, I feel, and keeps to an internal theme.

It is, still, a pretty lame name, even knowing the rational behind it.

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@yukoasho said:

I'll be sure to pick up Super Street Fighter V in two years.

Hrm. You seem to be giving Capcom quite the benefit of the doubt there. In two years, I'd be expecting Ultra Super Deluxe Street Fighter V, not merely super. :P

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Hrm. Right, TellTale's doing THIS series. Maybe we'll get something actually good from aSoIaF beyond the original book!

EDIT: That was unfair of me. I, uh...have strong opinions about that series, and GRRM's abilities as a writer, and cannot fathom how it turned into such a mega hit. It was unfair of me mostly 'cause I have no opinions on the TV show, as I avoided it due to my dislike for books 2, 3, and 4 of the what metric do I have to judge "something good" from the series not having tried the show? But man...those books... I kept hoping, kept reading, kept wasting my time...and I REALLY liked that first book, too...ah well. Just not my cup of tea, I suppose...and it isn't due to the excessive grimdark...I'm normally fine with that. I'm even OK with Kill Em All stuff, too...I just don't think he did either very well and devolved into using it for shock value more than as a good writing tool... Rrgh. OK, I need to shut up, or I'll be on about this for hours.

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Unfortunately big companies like EA don't know how to handle a game in this space so they will never be able to reap any rewards from it.

As opposed to small companies like Valve, Riot, and Activision-Blizzard? :p

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Holy Christ these are awesome. Good work!

@sanj said:

@kung_fu_viking: I actually agree, his work typically isn't as heavy with the black shadow. I guess this is a mix of his and my own thing. Maybe in my next go i'll try getting closer to his.

@the_nubster: Thanks duder! I was hoping they'd still be recognizable within all the black shadow.

I'd like to disagree with the whole getting close to Shinkawa's style of contrast. You have a better sense of dark versus light. Use your own style and heart. That's what makes these so special.

I'd like to agree with pimblycharles here about disagreeing about trying to get closer to Shinkawa's original style.