The GameSparked Podcast Jan-23-2012

So the website I own, and write for, just started its podcasting. I was wondering if you guys would be able to take a listen and let me know what you think? In my opinion, it's pretty awful, but I'm also my biggest critic.

And I am in no way trying to promote my website (we're not even done the design work). I just love this community, and value the majority of the users' comments.

So tips, suggestions, improvements, and absolutely anything else you want to say, just let me know!


A GOD DAMN BLOG: Johns in Video Games

Abyssfull and I were having a conversation about names and John came up as the quintessential "man" name. You don't need much else to get your point across about your character if he's called John. John is a man's man. He likes to drink beers with the guys down at the pub and then leave with the prettiest girl at the end of the night. When his car breaks down, HE fixes it. He knows how to tie a tie and rock a suit but is never too "big" for a t-shirt and jeans. Sharks have a week dedicated to him. He speaks fluent French, in Russian. He never says anything tastes like chicken... not even chicken. He is the most interesting man in the... alright, so I got a LITTLE carried away there, but you get the picture. John is an awesome guy! And in tribute to such an awesome guy, I would like to recall some of the best, and worst (but in John standards, that's still pretty damn good!), Johns in video games!

1. John Marston

(SPOILER ALERT) Start this list out strong with the guy the majority of you were thinking of when you started reading this blog. If you've delved into Red Dead Redemption, I don't even need to explain to you why John Marston is such an embodiment of greatness. He is a man on a quest for redemption. He wants one thing and never takes his eyes off the mark. Now, admit it! You all cried when he was shot in cold blood! And don't you even try to deny that you groaned when you found out you had to play as his son, Jack Marston! His name is JACK! Jack is a boy, John... is a MAN.

2. Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage!!! This is the only man on planet Earth who can get away with putting a tattoo of his name on the front of his chest. This guy oozes cool. He's a Hollywood actor who actually does his own stunts and can actually kick some serious ass. He goes up against demons, humanoid reptiles, Tarkatan warriors, scantilly clad women, sorcerers, AND ninjas. He does all of this and does it with STYLE too! He's also the only man on the planet who can get away with punching another man in the balls. Hint: It's all in the name!

3. Master Chief

This guy's name is John?!?! No wonder so many people think he's the greatest video game character of all time! It was the name all along! I say we call him John from now on because when you say "John", Master Chief is implied.

4. John Hodge

This man is a disgrace to Johns everywhere.

5. Johnny Gat

This guy is violent. He's like a gun in human form. Next to that, his name is Johnny GAT. That's one hell of a coincidence! And when someone does something crazy, violent, and dangerous, they call it "pulling a Johnny". Every gun store owner knows Johnny by name, so if you ever need a tip on what gun is best to blow someone's head off, just ask Johnny!

6. John Madden


7. President John Henry Eden

(SPOILER ALERT) Alright, so he's not who you expected. And he's also kind of a dick. But you can't deny that this John is a genius! He's the President of the United States of America for christ's sake! Alright, that's not the best way to start. I guess this John isn't really that great. It's also not hard to be a genius if you're a computer. He lied to a lot of people too... but damn it, this lying sack of RAM can give a great speech! U-S-A! U-S-A!

8. Johnny Sindacco

This guy was more of a hassle than anything...

9. John McCain

You may not agree with his politics, but the truth is, the man can dunk and sink 3s like no one's business!

10. Johnny Vincent

You knew there was going to be a Greaser on this list somewhere, didn't you? Well, this guy is a Greaser from head to toe! He may not stay cool like most Johns, so instead he completely loses it. Especially when you try something with his girl. He's your run of the mill Romeo except, instead of a stupid name like Romeo (along with talking skills and charm), his name is John. That pretty much makes up for all of his faults.

11. John Cena

Yeah, he's... ummm... Well, at least he stopped rapping!

12. Johnny Napalm

The cover boy for Guitar Hero, and back when the games were thought of as good too! He stayed with Guitar Hero through all of the good, and bad, years (even when they turned him into some sort of Wolverine/Demon hybrid) and I applaud him for that. The only thing I want to say is that I'm truly sad Guitar Hero had to take down a John with them.

13. Johnny Sasaki

What an embarrassment!

14. John F. Kennedy

JFK's on this list because of his memorable inclusion in Call of Duty: Black Ops' Zombies mode. If you could have chosen him as a character in Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag, I probably would have owned the game for longer than I did. Moral of this story?  Call of Duty needs more Johns.

You know what else needs more Johns? The world.

A GOD DAMN BLOG: I'll never be on a drug called Charlie Sheen...

As some of you know I was in the running for Charlie Sheen's internship.
I had #TigerBlood. I was #winning. Now I'm out and I'm not feeling exactly how I thought.

 I am not a pure TigerBlood.
I was definitely hoping I wouldn't get it as I would have to give up my summer and I'd probably be hounded in some way or another.
Now that I know I'm out of the running though, I'm a little upset. Charlie Sheen has been in my eyes since I was a little kid when I first saw Major League.
I guess deep down I really did want to meet and work for the guy who I've been watching my whole life.
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try my luck with Lindsay Lohan's inevitable intern search!

A GOD DAMN BLOG: I made it to the second round #TigerBlood

Alright, so I'm sure you're all wondering what this title means. 
Well, if you've been following Charlie Sheen's twitter, he put up a link for people to apply to be his intern. 
And well... I applied as a joke, and now I'm in the second round.  


Can someone help me out and tell me how I'm supposed to feel?

A GOD DAMN BLOG: Heartbreak, why should I even try?

So looking back at my life, it's been great.  
I've had lots of love, friends, and family to support me throughout the years... but sometimes heartbreak shadows all of that.  
You live life day by day, thinking everything is and will be alright, but then someone comes along and rips your heart right out of your chest.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was cancelled, breaking my heart into two solitary pieces. 
I just realized that other games I'm stoked for could be cancelled.  That is something I never want to experience again... 
Has anyone ever had a game they couldn't believe was getting made, and then all of a sudden got cancelled? 

War never changes... 


A GOD DAMN BLOG: Sleep Deprived

I am ridiculously sleep deprived....  
When I read things people post on the internet, my mind italicizes some of their words and then I go "Why the hell is THAT word italicized?" 
And then I realize, "Oh it's not" and feel stupid.   
Has anyone else done really stupid, mundane shit whilst sleep deprived?


A GOD DAMN BLOG: In my darkest hour...

Alright, so it wasn't really my darkest hour but I was feeling pretty shitty last night and most of today.  
I don't really want to talk about why I was feeling like such a loser (I've got issues with depression on top of it) but, with a little help from my friends (and a few other things), I am feeling much better. I really just want to record what happened today so all of my friends on Giant Bomb know what made me happy! 
For the first half of the day I was feeling pretty shitty, so I decided to just stay home and do some things that I know cheer me up. 
I was having very little success, but then I got a Facebook notification and when I saw what it was I felt like one of those crazy American girls during Beatlemania. 

      In response to the Archie Meets the Punisher comic

I don't know what it is, but every time an editor from Comic Vine replies to (or in this case, likes) something I've done it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I can't really explain it. My heart belongs to GiantBomb's community and forums (although I'm sure a lot of you post on ComicVine) but I absolutely love G-Man and Babs!  
That wasn't the only thing that made my shitty day turn around though. I had a job interview at Sony Style today, and it went really well. He said he'll call me within 48 hours to let me know when my second interview will be and I have to say, I can't wait! After my interview, I walked over to the local comic store and to my pleasant surprise, the comics I've been interested in were on for half off! 
That's not what I meant by half off... 

I actually just got off work, and I came home to a couple of messages on Facebook. I opened them up to expect some group or band telling me about their next event, but they were all from friends.  
Two of them were from buddies reminding me how much I have going for me and that I need to cheer up to make my plans work. Needless to say, they cheered me up and I can't wait to start working with them on our "top secret" Canadian project again (be very afraid). 
The third one was from this girl who I'm taking out and I don't need to say what she said, but I'm sure you all know it really cheered me up! =) 
I'm not feeling like such a loser anymore! 
Anyone else have a day where it's like the world knew you needed your spirits lifted?

A GOD DAMN BLOG: Comic Book Craziness!

Since my relationship with my longtime girlfriend ended, I've gone back to being crazy about comics, and for the life of me can't figure out why I ever stopped!    I really don't know what brought this out of me again. Maybe I subconsciously started reading comics again because they used to make me so happy, and I knew that it would be a perfect way to make me feel better? If that is the case, it sure as hell helped! I'm feeling GREAT. Scratch that, I'm feeling better than great! I know that it doesn't only have to do with my refound love for comics, but it has been a huge playing factor in my feeling better about myself (although I am still crushed, just like when I was a kid, that I don't have super powers)!
 If you caught my last blog, it was an elaboration on my Top 10 Favourite Comic Book Video Games, then you'd know I had some catching up to do in the comic book video game department. Since then, I've played both Marvel Ultimate Alliances, a little bit of Freedom Force, and am currently playing DC Universe Online, and I think I may have to redo my top 10 list! DC Universe Online has been great! I remember hearing about this years ago and thinking, "Wow! World of Warcraft with Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash? I am fucking pumped!" It had left my mind for quite some time until I found out it was finally being released (originally November, then it got delayed till January) and I was back being stoked for it! Now that I'm finally playing it, I'm really enjoying it. I made a character that is, what I would imagine, what Captain Qwark's and Deadpool's child would look like (with my hair). He ended up looking like me in a Green Lantern suit, toting dual pistols. If anyone wants to play, I'm "The Matman" and I'm on the "Redemption" server (PS3). 

 Video games and the comics themselves haven't been the only thing that I've been going crazy on. I've been watching the animated series of some of my favourites and checking out some of the animated and live-action films as well. I've been watching the 1994 Spider-Man Animated Series, the 1992 Batman Animated Series and the 1992 X-Men Animated Seires a lot, mostly because they were my favourites as a kid, but I've also ventured off into some of the stuff I never got a chance, or never gave a chance, to watch. Like "Spider-Man: The New Animated Series", which I never really got a chance to watch more than just a few episodes. It was an alright TV show with some really great scenes, but that theme song is just awful. It gives Spider-Man a really serious tone to it and Spider-Man needs a more upbeat, raucous tune because well, Spider-Man is a smart ass, not a sitcom. Another problem it had, I find, is there's a lack of classic Spider-Man villains. I've watched a bit of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" which seems okay, although I'm not a huge fan of the art style. I won't let that stop me from watching it though, as I plan on watching every episode. 

      Might as well have been called, "Spider-Man: The Young and the Webless", am I right?  
I remember watching Batman: Mask of the Phantasm a million times when I was a kid, and I recently watched it again, and I've still got to say that it's my favourite animated comic book-based film ever. I've gone back and watched a lot of my favourites: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero (notice something similar?), I've also watched the new Ultimate Avengers animated films, and watched Hulk VS Wolverine with my little brother when he came over to visit (I had already seen it and knew he'd love to hear Nolan North as his favourite, Deadpool). My little brother is 10 and already loves Nolan North's voice work! How awesome is that? This is actually taking me a long time to write because I'm switching in between "Super and Batman: Apocalypse" and so far, I'm very impressed! I'm very happy that Kevin Conroy is still the voice of Batman in so many different medias! 

      If you met him on the street, would you believe he's Batman?
As I'm nearing the end of this "god damn blog" I want to tell you all something has changed since I've come back to watching comic book TV shows and movies, playing comic book video games, and then last, but definitely the most, reading the comic books themselves. I've learned to love Superman. I don't know why I disliked Superman so much, I just did. I was bored out of my mind when watching his cartoons and movies, reading his comics, and utterly appalled when playing his games (except for The Death and Return of Superman <3). Now, I really appreciate Superman for all that he is. I don't know why, but I just do. I've done it a million times in my life, but I'm still astounded when something I used to dislike is now something that I like! One of the things I've been enjoying most about Superman is when he gets PISSED OFF. While watching the DC Universe Online opening cinematic I couldn't stop thinking of how bad ass Superman was! I am now proud to say that I can enjoy Superman in all of his red caped glory! 

 Don't piss off Superman. Lesson Learned.
The only thing I need now is a lady friend who thinks comic books are cool, but doesn't like them like I do (I don't need a lady friend knowing more about my favourite heroes than me! and also I would kind of like to do more than just comic related stuff, if you know what I mean! ...unless that "know what I mean" stuff is done with her in a Catwoman suit... hmm... intriguing) 

Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and have a sick day!

A GOD DAMN BLOG: My Top 10 "Comic Book" Video Games

My Top 10 "Comic Book" Video Games

 In celebration of DC Universe Online being released (score one for an excuse to write about my opinions!), I decided to do a blog of my Top 10 "Comic Book" Video Games.  There's quite a few comic related video games I still need to play, so I will make a small list of those games also.  
The games in this list are anything comic related.

I don't like the term "Super Heroes". I prefer "Specially Gifted".

Now I LOVE comic books. I also love all of the craziness that comes with them. The figurines, the movies (some of them), the cartoons, the canon, and the video games have all been a huge part of my life from when I was a kid, to now as a young adult. Even if the movies and cartoons aren't as great as they used to be, it makes me happy that my little brother can get exposed to such great characters and then when he tells me about what he's been watching, I can show him all of the REALLY great stuff. 
I've been playing video games almost as long as I've been interested in comics and naturally I'd be WAY into comic book video games right? Right! So this is my list commending all of the comic book games that have kept me interested throughout the years! All of the games that let me be my favourite heroes (and villains) are now going to be given the proper recognition and will be inducted into the very prestigious (but seen by less than 100 people and forgotten by the end of the week) list of my absolute favourite "Comic Book" Video Games.   
First I would like to acknowledge the games I haven't played yet, but am going to get on it as soon as possible! 
- X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse 
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 
- Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions    
- X-Men Origins: Wolverine (while wearing the Classic Wolverine Costume this might not be so bad!) 
- Spider-Man 2 (the move game)
- DC Universe Online 
- Justice League Heroes 
- Spider-Man: Web of Shadows 

10. Batman Begins

I don't care what anyone says, for me, this was a great game. I normally wouldn't have bought a game like this but I needed a game and it was in the bargain bin. I got it, brought it home, put it in my Game Cube, and played it for hours on end. It actually made me excited for The Dark Knight to produce a game but, unfortunately, I was solemnly disappointed.

9. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

I played X-Men for the Genesis and there was SO much to be desired. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse fixed this. They traded out Nightcrawler for Beast and Psylocke and I got to say, GREAT IDEA! It did an excellent job with all of the characters, their powers, and the platforming. Wolverine sticking his claws in the wall still gives me a great feeling that not even my childhood self can explain. This is definitely a game I wish I still had.

8. The Death and Return of Superman

One of the few releases (including video games, movies, comic books, and cartoons) where I actually enjoyed a Superman product. This beat em up does a great job at making you Superman, and then Cyborg, and then Steel, and then the Eradicator, and then Superboy. Each character was fun to play as and kept me wanting to play this game through to the end. If only Superman got this kind of treatment all the time, I might appreciate him more. Did I mention it's developed by Blizzard?

7. Batman Returns

Beating the shit out of clowns never felt so good! This game was exactly what I wanted out of Batman at the time. A great game where I'm Batman and I beat the shit out of the bad guys. As much as I love Catwoman though, she really pissed me off in this game. That didn't stop me from enjoying this game from start to finish though. If anyone's looking for an excellent old school beat em up, then I definitely recommend this game.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Do I really have to explain why this game is so god damn awesome? My friends and I still play it to this day and I imagine we'll still be playing it years to come. It was one of our favourite games in the arcade and it's one of our favourite games in our home too.

5. Batman: Return of the Joker

This was a really awesome game. I still love playing this game and it was released 19 years ago! Now if that's not a good game then I don't know what is. All of Batman's weapons and gadgets were implemented very well and it felt awesome to use every one of them. I always got a big Mega Man vibe from it and I'm sure they got influence from there, which is a great thing because I LOVE Mega Man. This game could go toe to toe with the Classic Mega Mans any day. This list would not be complete or even worth showing without this game on it.

4. Spider-Man

I remember when I got this game. I pulled it out of it's box and revealed the red cartridge and thought it looked amazing. I popped it in and started playing and I was wowed. Everything about it was awesome! The classic characters, the galleries, the level select, the web slinging, it was all superb! I unlocked EVERYTHING for this game and I believe it was my very first 100% completion of a game, and what a game it was.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum delivered when The Dark Knight didn't. Actually, this game did a whole lot more than deliver, it blew my freakin' mind! This made me feel what it was like to be Batman. Everything was perfect, but I really don't need to explain why this game was so great, because so many people already know it as the greatest "comic book" video game of all time. It's not my absolute favourite, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list. I can't wait to see what Rocksteady does with the sequel!

2. Ultimate Spider-Man

When I saw the commercials for this I went crazy for it. I was a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto games and when I heard it was a free-roam open world game I got even more excited than I was before. This game came out and I begged my mom to take me to get it. After hours of searching for the cheapest copy (thanks to my mom being a penny pincher even with the money I made from my first job) we found it and I could finally sink my teeth into this amazing game. Although I'm not a huge fan of the "Ultimate Marvel" universe, this game has a firm place in my heart. Talking about it right now makes me want to go and play through it again... be right back.

1. inFamous

inFamous was a game I was turned off by at first. I played the demo and I hated it. I just couldn't figure it. Thank god, I got a craving for a comic book game and decided to give it another chance! Getting better at controlling your powers and gaining new powers made it a phenomenal experience and it really made me feel like a superhero. Little things like riding power lines, jumping off, and then static thrusting to the next set of power lines two buildings over had an unreal feel to it. Sucker Punch is an absolutely amazing developer and inFamous 2 is my most anticipated game for this year.

If anyone has a game they want to recommend me to play, let me know! 
I'll probably redo this list after I'm done the games I want to play!

A GOD DAMN BLOG!!: Moving Out!

 So recently my buddy and I have been thinking of what we're going to do with this place we're moving into as soon as his cousin moves out and I got to say I'm so fucking stoked I'm writing a goddamn blog about it. THAT'S RIGHT! A GOD DAMN BLOG!!! 

That rug really tied the room together.

I'll finally have one place to keep all of my consoles! I move my consoles around a lot as I move back and forth between my mom's and dad's and it's a PAIN in the ass. Since I got my Xbox 360 it's been a little easier. I just keep the 360 at my mom's and the PS3 at my dad's. Still I always get the craving for PS3 at my mom's and vice versa so you have NO idea how thrilled I am to have my own place with all of my own stuff in one convenient place. The only problem this could pose is all of my musical equipment. I'll probably have to get rid of some of it but my dad is really cool and I'm sure he'd let me keep some of the bigger stuff (like my organ) at his place. I just can't wait to get all of my stuff in my own place.

She's not my special lady, she's my fucking lady friend. I'm just helping her conceive, man!

I'm freakin' stoked to bring my lady friends home and be like "Yeah, I own this place!" and having sex anywhere and anytime I want! Now this may seem like a problem because I'll have a roommate but there's actually two separate structures for our living quarters. One of us gets the bedroom attached to the kitchen and living room, and one of us gets the smaller building as their bedroom (which is actually a bigger bedroom). I think I'm getting the smaller bedroom which is cool with me because my lady friends will probably get hungry and well, I just prefer being close to the bathroom and all of the essential living stuff. I'm way too stoked to break this place in! 

The Dude Abides...

There's going to be some pretty wild parties going on at this place (note to self: buy a lock for my door). It makes me giddy just thinking about it! I just need to get my full license and there's no stopping my life from doing nothing but moving forward. The only downside to this would be the coyotes howling all night! But whatever I got a whole lot of pennies and cans for those bastards!      

      Pennies and Cans... aw yeah!
Anyways, does anyone have any great stories of themselves living with their buddies? Or have any ridiculous plans for when they move out? 
I'd love to hear them!  
EDIT: When we get settled I'm inviting all of you to come and party it up at our new place! 
You'll have to find your own way! 
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