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I want it noted that I predicted the downfall of Resident Evil, starting with Revelations. I'd post a link, but I don't know if I'd get banned for posting a link to another website.

@yummylee, whaddup dawg?!

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There was probably someone telling him how to do the voiceover. I doubt they'd ask him to do his "I've Had Media Training" voice.

For reference:

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Hey, everyone! One thing that definitely inspired me to get back into playing Spelunky (and improving my game) was Spelunkin' With Scoops -- not to mention with the likes of Max Temkin and Dave Lang. Well, they've done so much for me, that I thought I'd give back to the community with a How-to guide on becoming a pro gamer. I even deliver my own brand of Bat-tech!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

EDIT: Oh, I want to let everyone know that the logo at the end of the video was made by community member (and fantastic artist) @aurahack

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As much as I love Jeff's penny rant (mostly because I was the one who asked them what their thoughts on Canada getting rid of pennies were), I have to go with Team Brad and the Mile High Club.

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Hey, guys! So, I recently played through Syndicate, and have seen a bit of Forza Horzion, and I was wondering what other videogames have dubstep in them? It seems to be a fairly recent trend, and it would be interesting to see exactly how many games have this crazy noise stuff music thing.

I heard something about dubstep in SSX? Anything else?

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Hey, guys! So, I followed those 14 steps that have been floating around to help people connect their Wii U to the internet, but it STILL won't.

These are the steps in question:

1. Go into connection types, Hit "Manual Configuration"

2. Input your SSID

3. Input the correct security type, this is key.

4. Put your password in properly

5. For ip address "Do not auto obtain".

6. open up cmd in your computer, type in ipconfig

7. Now input that ip address but add 10 to the last number so "" will be entered as ""

8. Enter the rest of your info inside such as subnet mask and default gateway exactly as you see it in your ipconfig.

9. Now hit next, hit configure now for your DNS. When asked about DNS hit "Dont auto obtain".

10. For the first server put in

11. For the second server put in

12. Hit Next, when asked about a proxy hit no proxy

13. Leave mtu as the default

14. it should work, if not check the ip and that it is the internet ip + 10. Good luck


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Here you go, guys! I'd usually post something like this on Twitter, but I decided I'd throw it here.


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Is anyone able to confirm if this actually happened? I heard some stuff that it was available if you bought digitally, but I'm not completely convinced.

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I'm experiencing no voices during important parts. The first voice I heard was, "Sir, are you ready, sir," or something like that. Am I the only one experiencing this?

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Does anyone have any idea?