We want Demon's Souls 2!!

It's coming, i can feel it.  In an effort to make sure that Sony, FROM and Atlus are aware that fans REALLY want a sequel (or even a prequel) to Demon's Souls, i created http://www.demons-souls2.com Hopefully, Project Dark is what fans are asking for.  From there, you can join a Facebook group i created.  This is an effort to let these guys know that Demon's Souls 2 can only work and will generate money for Sony, FROM and Atlus.
I just recently started the site so it's kind of empty, but i'm hoping to add more and more!  Please visit and spread the word!


Bad Reviews of Uncharted 2

I have nothing against opinions.  Actually, this next post is an opinion.  I find it really funny that some smaller community website will give a "bad" review to a game that is a metacritics of 97.  Especially when their issues with the game are as small as: 
-Have to press a button to pick up an ammo clip. 
-The eyes of girls characters looks weird. 
-It's too linear. 
-Bad guys bullet sponges. (funny because they aren't compared to Uncharted 1)
-Fight same group of bad guys over and over (what do you expect...? 1000 different made up militia dudes?)
-Same guns as in uncharted 1. 
-Drake is a lucky buffoon. 
It feels like... It feels like they know their bad review will get posted on very popular communities and will get page views out of it.  It feels like they know fanboys will register and post comments.  There are better ways to generate hits on your site... Post good content.


Critter Crunch - This game is, like, so awesome!

This game is a gem.  On console, it's a PSN exclusive, but you can get it for on the iPhone as well.  It's 6.99$ and probably the best game i bought.  It's easy to play, but hard to master type of game.  It is basically a chain puzzle game.  But in the form of Food Chains.  A small critter will feed a medium one and a medium one will feed a large one.  The mechanics are very simple, but it's really addicting. 
If you have a PS3, this game is a must buy.  An awesome Indie game. 


COD4, LBP, AC and FIFA09 got me Uncharted 2!

So, in order to be able to get Uncharted 2 for free, I had to trade in 4 games.  Granted, that is a lot... but it's 4 games I'm not playing anymore.  2 of them with no trophies.
It was a little hard to get rid of Little Big Planet, but it went in my PS3 like... 3 times.  The title just didn't do anything for me.  Something i tought i would play with my girlfriend, but she was totally uninterested.  We play Boom Blox 2 instead (kick ass game that i recommend to everyone that owns a Wii).  
I started playing U2:AT yesterday and it's so good... especially that I just finished U:DF.  The opening level is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  One of the best game I have and will play this year for sure.  A must buy if you have a PS3.


Achievements - Where is the option to link my PSN account?

HI all, 
I just registered to the site.  I started listening to the podcast a litle while ago (2 or 3 months ago maybe) and I love it.  The podcast really keeps me going when it's beta and final time (I do QA for a big studio that i will not name). 
I'm I the only one who find it strange that there is no way to link your PSN account (maybe it's already being addressed?  I'm catching up) to your Giant Bomb account?  You can do so for the XBox360 and WoW, but not the PS3?  Is there any reasons for that?  Technical limitations or just the lack of will? 
Anyways, great site!  Currently, I'm playing B: AA and it is an amazing game.  GOTY so far, that is for sure.