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I got resistance 1, uncharted and motorstorm (which came with my ps3)

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I would love for trophy data on giant bomb, but like earlier posters have said its a Sony issue

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its great to hear ps3 owners are also getting the DLC content. I have fallout 3 on the xbox 360 and I haven't bought any of these DLC packs yet, although broken steel seems interesting

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Meptron said:
"I think I remember reading somewhere that you can't use cover in multiplayer. Is this true? If so, I will likely use the control scheme that OP suggests during multiplayer, since you won't need to use R1 and R2 simultaneously? For single player I'll probably use the scheme where the stick button is zoom and you don't need to hold it."
Yeah there will be no cover in Multiplayer and yeah the alternative 2 control scheme fits that mode better rather than single player.
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I usually hate reading, but love watching the full video review. Also reading  pros and cons of the game are important to me. I usually only care about the score to the extent that if is is 80 or above (which means its generally good) if it gets lower than that you can be sure that the game has flaws which usually only good to those who like the game genre

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chililili said:
"Smallville123 said:
"I didnt get to try the co op yet.  The single player kinda sucked cause if she dies you have to replay it"
How the hell could you get Sheva to die, she was pretty damn resistant even with no weapons"
She dies easily if your not watching out for her especially when the big axe dude starts swinging around like crazy
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Jackel2072 said:
"Ok so after watching Vinny's and Jeff's Endurance run videos i really wana go out and buy Persona 4. How well does Persona 4 run on 60 GB PS3? is it pixelated at all?"
It will depend on your TV though, on HDTV the ps2 games do not as good as they would on a SDTV
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I think its worth it especially for the bump up in terms of defense this year. The game is a much better and more complete game of hockey compared to 08 which seemed very offensive focused.

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There are two Brett Favre, one as a person and one a character
The one above is the link to "person" and I think this is the one that should be made the main one
This is the link to the "character" and should be deleted or merged

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There is a Canadian grand prix in the location and concept.

There is also other ones such as the british grand prix location and concept

This continues for other locations as well.